Let’s Talk Bases: Chanel Les Beiges

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It’s been a long time since a ‘Let’s Talk Bases’ graced this space on the Interwebz. Since kickstarting my little YouTube space (you follow me right? Good ;) But just incase hit that subscribe button over here) I’ve been sharing my latest foundation loves yet forgetting to keep this feature up to date. Under this category you can look back on all the different foundations I’ve tried, reviewed and loved so I wanted to add this beauty into the mix. You see it’s time to shine a big overdue beaming bright light on the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation with SPF 25/PA++. This launched a few months back to much praise and acclaim from the beauty world however I patiently waited for a duty free opportunity to snap it up.

This is a foundation that promises an invisible finish that leaves a healthy glow behind which we all know is something I love. Any harsh pollutants or environmental factors are protected against whilst giving that perfect natural glow. For me, it’s been love since first day. From colour match to formula, longevity to radiance, every box is ticked. I know that’s putting a lot of praise on a single foundation but I’ve gotta say it really holds up. Wearing this on holiday I could guarantee an even skintone that balanced out the areas of redness from being in the sun. Back at home I don’t have any problems with dryness, patches throughout the day nor poor coverage. In fact even with the weather hitting some record high temperatures I’ve found this foundation to continue lasting and providing a great finish from day through to night.

Packaging is another win thanks to the frosted glass bottle and sleek pump. With nine shades to choose from I opt for No 20 which is a fab match and a pretty standard shade for me across the Chanel range. Obviously nothing’s perfect but this is damn close. I reach for it daily, haven’t been left disappointed once and can see this being a winner for a long time to come.