The Glow Kit Everyone Needs

pixi glow kit
pixi glow kit

Everyone loves to glow, even the most matte full coverage lover applies that highlight with a keen eye to keep skin looking radiant and bursting full of luminosity. Whether you opt from that sheen from your makeup or your skincare, you can’t deny the youthful finish of a glowing complexion. Over the years I’ve come to embrace the glow, especially thanks to the complements a more radiant complexion can bring. Personally, I start the process of with my skincare plying the area with oils to boost and maximise that radiant finish. Not only does it reduce the need of makeup, your skin will thank you for it later!

For those of you new into the glow game or looking to beef up your travel skincare stash, these latest release from Pixi will surely grab your attention. Those of you that saw it over on my Instagram (@agirlandabeautyblog) loved it and now here I am to share the Glow Kit*. Featuring three hero products in cute mini size, you get the cult Glow Tonic, Glow Mud Cleanser and Glow Mud Mask. Used individually and you’ll be impressed with the results but teamed up you get a powerhouse combo ready to deliver.

From the brightening properties of the Glow Tonic through to the clarifying Mud Cleanser, both work away at banishing those dead skin cells to reveal fresh and healthy skin underneath. Personally, the Glow Mud Mask is my post plane detox must. Great for drawing out any impurities it rejuvenates lacklustre skin. Although this kit isn’t out yet, you don’t have long to wait. Whether you are getting ready for your summer holidays or simply want to switch up your skincare routine, I can see this kit being a huge hit!

*pr sample