How to Organise the Infamous Alex Drawer Unit

ikea alex 9 draw unit
ikea alex 9 draw unit
ikea alex 9 draw unit
ikea alex 9 draw unit
ikea alex 9 draw unit

So – I did the unoriginal blogger thing and went all the way to Ikea to pickup the Alex 9 Drawer Unit. I know, these are so 2014 but you can’t deny their ease when it comes to beauty storage. You see, over the years I’ve slowly but surly been dispersing my collection around my room. I have skincare in one chest of draws, makeup in another, it all was becoming a bit OTT as I was finding it impossible to locate that one single eyeshadow I simply had to wear that day. With a move imminent (keep your eyes peeled for the first #AGAABBOnTheMove video!) I wanted to get organised. Yes it may seem a tad backwards to buy furniture before you move, but knowing I was able to get rid of a number of boxes & baskets I had tucked away in different wardrobes, it was an investment I needed to make.

After about an hour of DYI followed by potentially 2 hours of furniture musical chairs, my Alex draws were situated in their new home and it was time to get organising. With 5 smaller draws and 4 deeper draws at the bottom, you have lots of options when it comes to arranging your stash. Before heading to Muji to buy up every desk organiser storage box in sight, I planned the space out. Initially by separating out the goods into the individual draws so I could see exactly how much there was. Did some categories need to be split out further? Could I keep lipsticks alongside blushers? By leaving the draws clear I was able to divide up the products whilst using post-it notes to keep track.

Once settled on the order it’s time to buy the draw dividers. This helps you to utilise the space otherwise you’ll soon find products begin to overflow and thoughts turn towards purchasing a second Alex Unit. Do not fear, it’s all about making the most of the space and by using desk organisers you can stack up products whilst keeping everything in view. The final step is turning the post-it notes into a serious label. Oh yes people I’m talking label maker time! Time to unleash your inner excitable child and label up the draws, dividers aka everything in sight. I’ve always put off buying one of these as I know I’ll quickly become label obsessed, but it’s okay. My excuse is that it’s a necessary purchase to keep my belongings organised during the move ;) Totally justified! At the end of the process you should have one organised stash ready for your to delve through come your next makeup experimental session – we all have those right?!

Do you own the infamous Ikea unit? How do you store all of your beauty products?

  • They do look nice! Definitely so much easier to store makeup x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • Means it finally all lives in one place as opposed to being kept in different bags and boxes!xx

  • At this point my make up still fits in a 3-drawer plus a 2-drawer unit from Muji, and I already owned an Ikea MICKE unit for school stuff and I cleared out the 2 top drawers recently so all my eyeshadows go in one and all my blushes and bronzers go in another. I found these cute baskets from Zara Home to divide the drawers up and they fit perfectly. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fill up an Alex Drawer Unit, my heart hopes for it but my waller says nononononono. ;-) happy organizing!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    • It’s good to be able to store everything in a smaller unit – luckily the bottom few drawers of my Alexa are free for other bits and bobs. Will need to look at Zara Home to divide up the drawers xx

  • Leanne Webber

    I am definitely in need for some drawer dividers for my Alex drawers as I am already considering purchasing another one.
    Leanne xx

  • I’m a guilty owner of the Alex Drawers. Only a 5 drawer one, but I probably should have gone the 9. Oops.

  • Kate

    For the love of God. I’ve seen you refer to ‘draws’ before but this post nearly made my head explode. From
    “The word drawer is often spelled incorrectly as draw. As a noun, draw chiefly means ‘an act ofselecting names randomly to decide winners’ or ‘an even score at the conclusion of a game’, whereas drawer mainly means ‘a sliding storage compartment’.”

    I like your blog but this was driving me crazy!

    • Ah whoops! That’s what happens when you try and put a blog post together with a tired mind and half closed eyes!xx

  • Dorota Gornicka

    I use Alex drawers too and I have slightly different way of organising them :) I like to have everything in place so it takes nearly no time at all if I want to find something :)

    • Do you use dividers in the draws or do you have a different method? Love seeing how people organise them!xx

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    I could probably fit all my makeup in two drawers, but I would totally buy this Alex Unit…if we had IKEA in Brazil #thirdworldproblems
    Excited to see #AGAABBOnTheMove video!!

    New in Makeup

  • Oh dear I feel like if I got this I would be tempted to just fill it…but my makeup drawers are overflowing so something has to be done!

  • Your storage looks great! I definitely need a neat and tidy solution for all my items <3

  • I own one, too, but bought it after the move. To keep things organized I used the bottom part of nice bags I owned, the fit perfectly and don’t cost any money.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • When I move this will be my first furniture purchase. I am a sheep, I follow the herd!

  • Rochelle Naylor-Iyayi

    Really love and want these, just wish i had somewhere to put them!!

  • Bella

    I don’t have the Alex, but I should. Thanks for the organising tips!

  • LipstickandLightening

    Storage goals! D: I still have no make-up storage </3

  • I own the Malm chest of 4 drawers and it’s very good for storing makeup and serves as table for me at the same time. With a small room I can’t have a proper desk! I prefer the Malm to the Alex one as the drawers are bigger and I put (almost) every item of makeup I own into an unique drawer keeping me on track of what I have and to use everything! I love to organise my makeup!!

    Sara |

  • I’m hoping to pick up one of these next month, dividers are a great idea for further organizing each drawer!

    xo, Liz

  • Rinky Dinky Rhi

    I’ve pretty much organised mine the same way – I absolutely love these drawers. I feel so much more organised now x

    Rhi |

  • Wow, got to have 3 drawers! I’m receiving freebies from different brands every month so I need lots of spaces for my makeups. Love!!!

    – Sophia of

  • I’m receiving freebies from different brands every month so I need lots of spaces for my makeups. Love!. I absolutely love these drawers. I feel so much more organised now x

  • Freya Steele

    Looking to get these and have been looking on Ikea for some draw dividers that fit, could you please tell me the inside draws length and width????