Why the Dry Body Oil is the Best Thing from Jo Malone

jo malone dry body oil

Ring the alarms – there is a new beauty product in town that we all need to get on board with. Stat! Before I get swept off my feet and delve into declaring my love for this divinely scented product, let’s get the facts straight. No this isn’t a ‘new’ launch, there are no groundbreaking skincare finds being shared today, instead however I’m focusing on an item that traditionally has been doing the beauty rounds for years. It’s a body oil. I know, hardly revolutionary, but bare with me on this one as I promise after a single whiff of this rich and encompassing fragrance, you will be hooked.

Alongside their popular range of colognes, candles and bath products, Jo Malone have a selection of Dry Body Oils. 100ml worth of oil that can be rubbed into the skin leaving everything incredibly soft and smooth. Not just that, you also get the scent of an expensive perfume lingering on your skin throughout the day, bliss. The scent that’s got me all a tizz is the Velvet Rose & Oud Dry Body Oil. I might as well call it a day and bathe in the stuff! The smallest amount leaves the most powerful aroma, all whilst keeping your skin looked after. What more do you need?!

Price point sits fairly high with one of these bottles, however I use less in comparison to a perfume and you get the skincare benefits thrown in for free. I can this bottle lasting me well into next year, that’s if I can stick to my rule of only bringing this out for special occasions ;) Velvet Rose & Oud is an intoxicating blend of fragrances that lifts out a warmth and richness compared to a stand alone fragrance. Personally I find these better value for money compared to a perfume and they feel completely luxurious to apply. Even better – snap one up at duty free with a lovely tax-less bargain price point. You won’t regret it!