Evening GRWM & Mini Vlog


When I headed up to Manchester last weekend for a night away to experience the yummy delights of Holland & Barrett, I took my tripod in toe and my hand-held camera in an attempt to cobble together a mini vlog and get ready with me style video. The overall results is a few clips from the two days including the most amazing relaxation room at the Midland Hotel and a sneak peak inside their rooms I may have jumped on the bed when I first arrived.

I hope you enjoy this video – I’m slowing working my way up to vlogs. Still haven’t managed how to hold the camera in any flattering angle, instead I get a number of clips zoomed in on my chin talking away in shot, that or my 12 chins are on show ;) Practice makes perfect as they say and if you enjoy these styles of video I hope to be able to add my face more into them next time :)