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get up & glow
get up & glow

When it comes to skincare we all know by now that Oskia has got it going on. From their cleansers to their masks, each product oozes luxury, treats any skin concern or woe whilst igniting your senses thanks to their gorgeously scented items. Over the past few months my Oskia collection has been gradually expanding, starting with the cult cleanser, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel has transformed my complexion. The perfect second cleanse in the evenings this removes any dirt or grime without stripping away those essential oils. After becoming hooked (I’m already at the end of my 2nd bottle!) I snapped up the Renaissance Mask. Again, this harnesses the same brightening properties to deliver a mask that ignites your inner luminance.

To complete the trio, the recent addition comes in the form of their Get Up & Glow Serum. The most expensive addition to date, this promises to energise and brighten your complexion thanks to light reflecting particles inside the formula which you can see in the product itself. A pearlescent finish lifts sallow areas to boost the complexion and it has enough awards under it’s belt to make you wonder why this wasn’t part of your skincare lineup already. Again it brings the luxe packaging and impressive formula line up however I found after application this leaves a sticky film to my skin. Does anyone else get this or and I just being over zealous with the amount I apply? With the price tag this comes with I want to make sure this works for my skin as you can’t deny the gorgeous glow it leaves to your complexion.

  • The Cleansing Gel sounds like something I need to try! I would love to try some products from Oskia x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • I’ve never tried anything from Oskia, I think I’d go for the cleansing gel first! This does sound like a good product to get that glow though :)

    Kate xo //

  • Emily Knott

    I really like the cleansing gel. And would love to try a few more products.

    Emily x

  • I am actually ashamed that I haven’t tried Oksia. I really need to get on that!


  • Joycee

    I get the same slightly tacky feel, & I just use 1 pump for my face. Unfortunately this makes me break out (the ingredient chondrus crispus is comedogenic), but I can’t bear to throw it away because of the hefty price tag! Now I just use it every now & then, but never on consecutive days.

    • Oh no sorry to hear it breaks you out – hopefully on the days you do use it you are able to see that glow come through :) xx

  • Everything from Oskia sounds SO good, I really must place an order. The Get Up & Glow Serum is fairly expensive but it sounds pretty amazing, strange about the filmy feeling though!

    Ash / The Beauty Collection

    • It may just be my bottle, not sure it is meant to be like that! I do adore all the Oskia range though xx

  • The cleansing gel sounds amazing especially if you’re on your second bottle. I haven’t bought from Oskia before but I’m definitely going to look further into the brand and what items would suit my skin <3

    • If you start of with the cleansing gel you will become hooked! That’s what happened with me xx

  • I love the Renaissance cleanser and mask, but I wasn’t so fussed on this serum. I liked it, but it wasn’t like, wow, for me. It did smell incredible though, I remember that!

    • I’m the same, gel and mask was an instant wow but still finding my feet with the serum even though I love the radiance it gives to my skin xx

  • The Renaissance Cleanser is on my list but this one has to wait!! Sounds amazing but the price tag is far too much atm :/ even thou it is great to have it on my notes just in case!! :)

    Sara |