August Favourites

august favourites

That’s it people, let’s just call it a day and declare it’s Christmas. X factor is back, the sun ain’t got his hat on anymore, why pretend! Apart from looking like a sad clown each morning whilst I’m waiting for the bus trying to fight by the cold chills, I managed to club together the best in beauty from the past month. Although I’ve been reaching for the same products day in a day out, cheers work, I have discovered a few gems that have ignited my complexion with a luminous radiance even though my skin has been lacking any such lustre.

I may also start off this video with another PSA dedicated to what I like to call my hair right now, seriously, what is this lame excuse for a mop?! Luckily I’ve got an appointment in the calendar for a long overdue snip that I’m 100% sure is going to give me my Beyoncé swag back ;) Enough chitter chatter, sit back, relax and click play on my latest beauty favourites drop!