Six Years


And I’m back! Quite fitting actually as today is exactly 6 years since I posted my very first blog post. Now I don’t believe the whimsical number is still live however today marks the day I signed up to Blogger and embarked on an adventure that I had no idea I would still be dedicated to all these years later. Over those years a lot has changed, my photography, writing style, frequency of posts and most importantly: me. Although parts of me are recognisable from the girl who was sat here six years ago, I’ve grown up a lot. My skin has gone from oily which caused me to grab for all the highest coverage bases that I would layer all the powder on top of, to a slightly more aged and therefore dryer in areas which leaves me lusting after anything that promises to bring the glow.

Not only have I changed, blogging has changed. I never fully capitalised on the hype over the years due to the fact I’ve always juggled this alongside a full time job. Although that means I’ve not ridden the social media wave or grown this into a career like many, I like to think I’ve created  a space of honesty and realness as you all know anything I test or use is required to stick around during a 12 hour day. I commute, I work and I get tired like everyone else but I’m human and I hope that is one of the reasons that keeps you lovely people coming back. Yes readership is dwindling and those numbers don’t jump month by month, but so what. Blogging is so much more than that. It’s about connecting with others that have a similar passion to you.

Who knows what the future will bring. Although content might be less rigid than my once ‘daily blogging’ past, I’d like to think you embrace that element of real life. I’m not here to curate that lusted ‘perfect Instagram lifestyle’. I don’t jet off every Monday to a new tropical location nor do I have Chloe bags dripping from my arm, I get how that is appealing to the masses but I’d much rather keep it me. I’m excited for how my content will natural change once I move and I embrace the flexibility that this platform brings. Not just that, I love each and every one of you that pop by each day, leave lovely comments and enjoy the beauty babble I share. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and heres to whatever might be next!

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    Congrats, Siobhan!! You do an amazing job running this blog and YouTube alongside a full time (and demanding) job!
    I love that you’re super honest and real (regarding beauty and life in general). It is fun to watch beauty gurus with perfect makeups and perfect lives, but we also need people to whom we can relate…so thank you :)

    New in Makeup

    • This comment put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you so much for your kindness and I’m so glad you love my honest self!xx

  • Sarah

    I’ve only recently started reading your blog and love it. So refreshing to have an honest and real voice amongst what feel like a hundred adverts disguised as blogs. Keep it up, it’s fantastic and appreciated!x

  • Kelly glen

    Congratulations on six very successful years of blogging. You keep on producing interesting content post after post even with what sounds like a very busy job to do as well. Here’s to many more years of your blog.