The Edit: Gym Bag Skincare

gym skincare edit

It’s anyone’s attempted a post work workout (for those of you that have, I applaud you) you’ll know the importance of skincare. No one wants to get all hot and sweaty with a face full of makeup, not only will your skin cry out in anger, it’s a one way street to blemishes, irritation and sensitivity. I know the TOWIE girls do it but personally I wouldn’t be able to navigate a cross trainer with a shed full of lashes!

To ensure my skin is properly cared for and to prevent a towel full of orange slap I’ve got a little skincare gym bag packed and ready to go. A fuss free routine of minis that clean & moisturise my face without the need of water/face clothes or an hour on the clock. Starting with removing that daily grime I opt to forgo the ‘deadly’ face wipe and instead it’s all about the Mini Biodermia. Luckily our skincare prayers were answered and a mini bottle can be snapped up over on Feel Unique for £5. Simples! Not only is the package cute (I know, mini alert!) it does a fab job of removing makeup without leaving skin red, irritated or most importantly, dry.

As my skin tends to lean on the more parched side of things I follow this up with a spritz of the Murad Hydrating Toner. Although it may create a few looks during the application process, it instantly refreshes my complexion and smells pretty scrumptious in the process. Finally it’s all about moisturiser and of course it’s got to by my one true love the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream*. I honestly don’t know how I survived before this came into my life as it provides incredible lightweight hydration.

A few other essentials that get thrown in for good measure are the Midi Wet Brush alongside a Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring. Whoever can get along with the Mini sized Wet Brush must have tiny Pixi hands! Instead I find the Midi is that bit more portable however is still easy to use. I’ve also shared my love for the Invisibobbles as they hold my hair in place, don’t leave kinks whilst ensuring each hair is captured and held. You’d think after all this prep and packing I would actually go to the gym. Baby steps people…baby steps!

*pr sample