Weekend Summer Morning Routine

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philips electric shaver
philips electric shaver

Although the sunshine is playing hide and seek with us, we are officially in that magical season called British Summertime. Oh yes get your jugs of pimms at the ready, BBQ’s lit and umbrellas on standby! It can be an unpredictable time but us British are used to that, it wouldn’t be a traditional BBQ without having to grab all the food & run for shelter ;) To kickstart the new season I thought I would share a little routine style video with you. All the way from shampoo through to highlight – you’ll see it all! It’s also my first time putting one of these videos together so I’d love to hear your feedback on what works or where I could switch things up a bit.

Alongside sharing my routine with you I wanted to talk about how I’ve been getting silky soft and fuzz free pins ready for the warmer weather. It’s all thanks to this nifty gadget from Phillips – the Satin Shave Prestige Wet & Dry Electric Shaver*. Here you get an electric shaver that works both in wet or dry conditions, perfect for those in shower shavers like myself. For #SmoothTalking skin you get 5 accessories and flexible curved blades that are 75% more efficient compared to traditional manual blades.

Inside the kit you get a bikini trimmer head, travel cap, pouch, cleaning brush and skin stretcher cap. Sounds a bit painful but actually I find having this attachment on enabled me to get that close shave under my arms with ease. For someone that has never embarked down the world of electronic shavers before I found this easy, comfortable and more importantly quick to use. Each hair was trimmed, I didn’t have to spend long getting the job done and I was left with soft legs and zero cuts. I am impressed! Anything that helps to give me a little bit more confidence when attempting to brave those daunting shorts is a win in my book.