Is Tom Ford Worth the Dolla?

tom ford makeup

When you are a fellow beauty obsessive like myself, you find yourself drawn towards those luxury and high end purchases that not only are encased in some seriously gorgeous packaging, they also have some killer formulas and shades. You see throughout my love affair with makeup I’ve always had a weakness for luxury. Something about that packaging causes my heart to skip a beat whilst rifling through my finances trying to work out how I could possibly justify the purchase. One brand in particular that I associate many of these situations with is Tom Ford. Price point is ridic, ain’t no amount of justification going to make those numbers sound sane however here I am, still hoarding quite the collection! So what is worth the price tag?

Lipsticks – my first entry point into the brand all started with ‘Pink Dusk‘. A gorgeous everyday shade it’s part of their Lip Colour range and I’ve made quite the dent! Not satisfied with a single option, whilst away in Dubai last year I picked up ‘Pussycat. You already know my love for this shade, a Lip Colour Matte offering it is one of those perfect wearable purple colours and I simply love it. Needless to say in my eyes the lipsticks are worth the price tag. Pigmented, gorgeous packaging with that infamous TF embossed on the bullet. Yes, I already want more!

Eyeshadow Quads – creeping up that price point you then get the Eye Colour Quads. I’ve got 02 Cognac Sable which I believe is discontinued and also my latest addition Honeymoon. Here you get some serious packaging #goals. Four beautifully laid out shadows with two double ended applicators and a big mirror to match. These shadows are divine, there is no denying it but that price tag is pretty hefty to match. Personally, I would and have only bought these at World Duty Free where you can indulge without having to call your bank in the morning to apologise.

That Eyeliner – over the past year an eyeliner that has been receiving a lotta attention is the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen. Featuring a dual-ended liquid liner there is a short and stubby end to get into those lash lines alongside a more traditional calligraphy tip to create that perfect wing. I’m an eyeliner noob and struggle even at the best of times. What I love about this pen is you get a deep black line that’s pigmented, applies with ease and doesn’t drag the skin. The pen is weighted making application a tad easier however for someone that doesn’t wear eyeliner on the daily I’d suggest opting for a more budget friendly pick.

Collection Pieces – for the past two summers I’ve been sucked into the collection pieces. Something about the white packaging paired with the statement gold just has me rushing to the checkout button without even blinking. Last year I got the 02 Terra Bronzing Powder in Small and this year I caved with the mighty Soleil Contouring Compact. Now with these, they’ve never been a necessity purchase (to be fair, what is?!) but if you love your collection pieces and can’t stop thinking about that white on gold packaging, I won’t judge you for picking something up ;)

With Tom Ford you can’t get away from that steep price tag. Personally, I find myself asking for an item as a gift come birthday/Christmas or my favourite thing to do is save up those pennies and make a purchase at Duty Free before I jet off. It’s the perfect way to start a holiday!