Cult Morphe Brushes

morphe brushes

When you hear the top makeup gals on YouTube rave over the same brand, you stand up and pay attention. I’ve spoken in the past about my dalliance with Morphe, placing an order to simply see what all the fuss was about. Although not all brushes were a hit, the gurus know what they are talking about and I’m hooked. Luckily for us in the UK Beauty Bay has us covered. Their range of Morphe brushes is quite simply breathtaking and on top of that you get free delivery *praise* After my initial haul which you can see here I’ve picked up a couple of newbies to add to my collection. A selection of brushes that I like to call the cult picks yet still are cheap as chips.

You see we’ve got the infamous M501. A favourite of the flawless queen Jaclyn Hill this is her go-to tool to ensure her highlight is on fleek. The tapered, yet soft bristled finish gives you the perfect surface area to accurately apply that shimmering sparkle exactly to the areas you want to pop. It’s big sister is the M509 which is Nikkie Tutorials go to choice for blush. Personally I’ve always used a wider and fluffier brush to achieve that rosy glow however you don’t question the queen! Needless to say she was right and I’ve been loving the more precise application you get from the M509 whilst still having enough soft bristles to ensure everything is blended out.

Finally I picked up the M530 aka the tool to snatch those cheeks. I’d be lost without contour and am always on the hunt for thee perfect tool to define those cheekbones and give me a runway ready chisel. This fits into the hollow of your cheeks, applies colour directly to the areas you need whilst softly blending out the edges to give a natural finish. Morphe, it is love! Now what other brushes do I need? ;)