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everyday makeup edit
everyday makeup edit

When I come back from a holiday I tend to feel a little out of sorts before the daily grind kicks back in. What do I do each day? Why is there an alarm going off so early and what the heck am I meant to wear to work in this temperamental London weather?! Alongside not quite remembering what my job title means I also go through a makeup switcharoo. Generally a pretty sizeable change, I’ve gotta hold my hands up and say it’s most likely a direct result of the fact I bought a lotta makeup whilst. What can I say, it gives me the perfect opportunity to rearrange my daily Muji stash and I do love a spot of organisation!

The Chanel Les Beiges Foundation that I nabbed in Duty Free has become an automatic favourite sitting pride of place ready for me to reach for daily. It’s lightweight finish that still packs some decent coverage lasts well throughout the day without needing a lot of powder. My new bareMinerals bareSkin Serum Concealer has made it to the top drawer, although it doesn’t knock my Urban Decay love off the top spot I have been enjoying it brightening properties to awaken under my eyes. Speaking of eyes there is also my It Cosmetics Eyelift in a Tube that really creates a flawless and lifted undereye.

I couldn’t forget about those two new YSL products I mentioned last week, the Le Teint Saharienne* and Full Metal Shadow in Steamy Coral* as both get called to action daily. If you saw my Summer Glowing Makeup from last week you would have seen the little trick I’ve been doing recently with a flat shader brush and black shadow. Lining your lash line can be a faff but adding some black shadow not only gives the appearance of fuller lashes, it also gives a smoked out finish to an everyday look.

Of course the NARS Silk Road Duo simply had to have it’s own little home and I’ve also added the Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Setting Powder back into my daily rotation after falling back in love whilst being on holiday. Although the rest of my makeup stash is still in arms reach I find having a small home for essentials helps when making those tough decisions come morning as to which shadow I should go for!

*pr sample