My New Favourite Toiletries Bag

toilteries bag
toilteries bag

When it came to toiletries packing for my current trip, I knew I needed a new bag. Now I know, I’ve already got enough but I wanted something compact, something that I could hang up and something that had enough compartments so I could hide the many beauty products I wanted to stow away. I was on a mission to pack smart and clearly this could only happen if you have the right bag ;) Needless to say the hunt was on so I headed over to Muji on my lunch break as they really are the king of travel accessories. I had a bag in mind, the Hanging Travel Case in Navy, and although it isn’t the most glamorous looking item in the world, it ticked every box.

You have a compact hanger that lives in it’s own little pocket meaning as soon as you arrive you can pop this up on a hook in the bathroom making all your toiletries easy to reach. You’ve got a heck of a lot of compartments, I’m talking a back pocket, front mesh zip pocket, hidden zip pocket in the middle of the bag, smaller mesh compartment with bands to hold each item, it really does cater for everything. The great thing about this bag too is that is really encourages you to pack light. Now I may have had to visit Muji three days in a row to purchase even more travel sized bottles, however it encouraged me to decant everything and anything to ensure it fitted into this bag.

In the end I’ve been able to pack my haircare, skincare, razor, toothbrush and even mirror all into this tiny bag. Yes, zipping it up was a little bit of a struggle but I blame that on the fact I threw in a jewellery box and some mini sized masks last minute ;) What I love about this bag too is it is something I can keep fully packed and ready to go at all times meaning when my next trip appears in the diary I don’t have to spend time faffing & decanting away all my products. Isn’t there a saying somewhere that a prepared packer is a happy packer?!

  • This looks super practical for holidays! I love the fact you can hang it up as well :)
    – Ambar x

  • Looks super practical!

  • This looks great for me! I feel like I spend half of my trips away looking for stuff in my GIANT toiletry bag (seriously, why are toothbrushes so good at hiding?) – I love really organised bags! All those little compartments are making me very happy!

    Hannah | Whoops It’s Hannah

  • This would be great for me! I’m currently using one massive bag and need things with compartments!

  • thisgirlloveschic

    love the collab dry shampoo

    This Girl Loves Chic xx

  • As if I needed yet ANOTHER travel bag, but I’m obsessed with organization… or at least the illusion of it. So after seeing this post I promptly went on Amazon & ordered a similar one for a week long trip I’m taking next month. I love that everything can be stood up nice and neat inside, and it can sit on a countertop or be hung for easy access. Definitely far better than my usual messy & overflowing toiletry bag!

    • Anything that I can organise I love! And I love how it keeps everything super neat and easy to find whilst I’m away :) xx