Updated Flight Essentials

updated flight essentials

Although this year I’ve vowed to be a savvy packer, it doesn’t stop me from carrying a whole bag of ‘flight essentials’ for my journey up into the clouds. You see, although I can streamline my stash and attempt to only pack the essentials, when it comes to being in a cabin for 10+ hours I like to have my home comforts. I also like to have a bag packed of ‘just in case’ products as you never know when a flight might be delayed and you suddenly wish you had that product you left at home.

I’m still using my Anya Hindmarch In-Flight Case as it is honestly the best bag to keep everything clean, compact and easy to find. Not only that you can pop it through security with zero fuss. You’ve got the two compartments, ‘take off’ and ‘touch down’ so you can easily pack the essentials without any stress. Perfection! The majority of what I’ve packed is similar to last years video but with a few new items that I talk about in today’s video. Click play to see more :)