Top Products from Laura Mercier

top products from laura mercier

When you say the name ‘Laura Mercier‘ you instantly think luxury, incredibly body creams and an infamous foundation that has now been discontinued (or maybe that’s just me). I find Laura Mercier to be one of those brands that sits on the luxe end of the makeup market and is usually loved by beauty addicts or those who like to indulge in their purchases. It isn’t the most talked about brand out there, more of a staple then an everyday fave however if you’re looking to pick something up these are my top picks and must buy Laura Mercier products.

Like their primer collection. I say collection as you are able to shop their wardrobe of hydrating, radiance boosting or oil free primers. I’ve been a longstanding fan of Laura Mercier primers, switching them up depending on my skin type or worry. I’m still loyal to the hydrating one and I love how you can get them in a mini travel size as well. Sticking with the category of face you also won’t be surprised to see the Invisible Loose Setting Powder in Universal. Loved by makeup artists around the globe I now finally get the hype. I used on my friends wedding day as it instantly locks foundation/concealer in place, it can be used to bake oer and I find it’s the best powder to prevent makeup from moving around throughout the day.

One of the first products I ever got from Laura Mercier was one of their Second Skin Cheek Colours. I remember hype ensuing within the office I worked at at the time which resulted in myself, and another girl quickly adding two to our collections. Lush Nectarine was up first closely followed by Peach Whisper which still remains one of my all-time favourite blushers. For pigmentation, longevity and blendability (think I’ve used made up a word there) you really can’t go wrong with these. They can also be easily snapped out of their little pans to add to a travel friendly palette so you can pack away all your favourite blushes with ease. Finally, let’s talk gloss. Now although this isn’t a product I reach for on the daily, Laura Mercier produce the one formula of gloss that I can 100% get on board with. Their Lip Glace’s are void of all that unwanted stick or gloop and also come in a super cute mini size. Win!