This Works for Eyes

this works for eyes

As soon as I fall off the eye cream wagon a newbie springs into action ready to remind my dithering self that the routine of popping on an eye cream every single day is not one that should be forgotten about. Ready to knock me and my eye bags back into action is Light Time Open Eye*. With a name like that you’ve gotta know this new release has been brought to us directly by natural beauty brand This Works. Promising to brighten and de puff the delicate skin around your eyes, it’s vitamin rich line up of ingredients soothes where applied whilst hydrating the area around it.

Unlike other eye creams that carry the brightening promise, this isn’t tinted. Instead it’s powerful pack of natural ingredients including Persian Silk Tree extract the revitalise the skin combine to give the same desired effect. Yours eyes are left refreshed mimicking that full night of rest that you may not have actually had. Applicator wise you get a cool metal section where the product is dispensed. Simply squeeze the tube I recommend away from your face initially to prevent air being directed straight towards you eyes and run around you eyes in circular motions.

Results: plumped up skin that looks more rested and rejuvenated. No miracles over night however, but this is one of the most cooling eye creams I’ve used. Leaving me with balanced out skin that has taken the edge off any puffy areas. The lack of a tint works in your favour to prevent any peculiar tones from appearing and it works beautifully under makeup. Want to try out the full Light Time range? Alongside the Open Eye Cream there is also a Skin Plumper and Cleans & Glow all ready and waiting to refresh, renew and revive your skin in the morning.

*pr sample