#AGAABBOnTheMove – Part 1


It’s time to talk moving. That’s right the family home my parents have had for the past 28 years is on the market and we are off on a new adventure! To mark this transition I thought I would embark on a moving series over on my channel. With the witty title #AGAABBOnTheMove I’m going to document saying goodbye to the family home, packing up my life’s worth and embracing a new chapter.

Change is a foot so for the first part of the series I’d thought I’d start with a casual chatty video where I talk through the reason behind the move, my plans for the future and why I’m a 27 year old human living at home with my parents. Hope you enjoy the video and if there is anything you want to see specifically as part of the series just let me know :)

Also – who loves me trying but failing to make an M in the thumbnail!?

  • Urvi

    All the very best for the move!! I feel its okay to live with your parents, I have done that (till I got married) but again that is a norm in India (you can not be anywhere else until you get married!) but anyways, enjoy the process of moving! Keep us updated!

    • So interesting to hear how things are from the other side of the world as well! Thanks for your kind words – really excited for the move and change!xx

  • Love your shirt hair!

    Good luck with the move, it’s pretty exciting. I lived with my mom for 25 years in my family home in Poland, then moved to the US, lived with my ex husband for 5 years, now I moved out and I live on my own. It’s nice to have the space just to yourself but I do better having company and someone to talk to after work. Anyways, I hope you’ll find a place you will love <3

  • Wow! thats such a long time to be in a property. I bet it’s really loved. I moved out my family home just over a year a go and still love going back there. I hope it all goes well for you all and you have just as much fun and happiness in your new family home. xoxo


    • It holds a heck of a lot of memories! Though am looking forward to setting up house in a new place :) xx

  • Kelly glen

    I still live with my parents and we have just moved from the home we have lived in for 27 years. I see the move as a new part of my life that I am hoping is a new start that we all desperately need. I hope the move goes well for you and your family.

  • Secret Beauty

    This speaks to me so much! Wish you the best of luck on your new adventures!


  • Good idea to record this whole transition for later! It will be awesome to have this to look back on in X years from now.