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beauty edit: makeup fixers

On days where you’ve got a special occasion in the diary, need your makeup to stay in place or are simply battling through the summer sunshine, makeup fixers and sprays step in to ease your worried mind and lock everything in place. Over the years I’ve tried my fair few formulas and misters. Starting with Model in a Bottle I literally thought I struck gold with this makeup fixer that prevented any sliding or movement occurring throughout the day. Over the years new wonder products have hit the market and although you don’t find me reaching for one on the daily, does’t stop me from having a fair few in my stash.

Budget – my current fave comes in budget form from L’Oreal. Their Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray completes the long wear lineup featuring powders, foundations and gloss. With a fine mist, two spritzes is all you need to lock things in place for the day ahead. Even if you don’t need those 16 hours of wear time, a quick spray will instantly remove any areas where makeup may start to look a tad heavy.

Popular – when you talk about setting sprays the brand which instantly comes to mind is Urban Decay. With one of the most impressive lineups of fixers, they have chopped and changed their range, packaging and formulas over the years keeping one focus in mind, locking that makeup in place. For nights out, it’s got to be the All Nighter* however when a travel adventure is looming, a mini De-Slick goes straight into my travel pouch to give my makeup a fighting chance against oil in the warmer climates.

Hydrator – although the majority of these products promise that illusive long lasting finish, at times it’s just as important to give your skin a kick of moisture before walking out the door. Step in MAC Fix+ remember this old classic? Perfect for infusing your skin with a mineral rich mist, popped on before or after makeup this boosts radiance whilst hydrating your complexion.

International – could you tell I was running out of names by this point? ;) Picked up on a whim on a day trip to Brussels, the Makeup Forever Mist & Fix does exactly what it says on the bottle. A lightweight mist which provides a barrier of support from external pollutants you get a hydrating seal over the face to improve the wear time of your makeup. Undetectable in HD situations I opt for this spray if I need to makeup to last whilst taking photos for this dear blog.

What are your favourite setting sprays? Are they something you reach for often?

*pr sample

  • I have the Urban Decay de-slick one as I have oily skin but I really want to try the original and also the Mac fix plus. Having said that I also want to try the L’Oreal one! Setting sprays are a life saver for me! Great post girl! -xo

  • My favourite has to be the Urban Decay one! I use the de slick version and find it amazing x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  • Its really great how the loreal mister has held up to everything else, that whole infallible line is top notch. Awesome post!

    • I think they range is brilliant – haven’t fallen quite as in love with their foundations as I prefer a lighter base but I adore this setting spray xx

  • I’ve just ran out of the De-Slick setting spray and I’m looking for a new one, great post! x

    Gabbi | Bloglovin |

  • I had no idea L’Oreal did a setting spray, I need this!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • I love UD All Nighter, I always use it for weddings or some important summer events when I want my makeup to last long. I have Mac Fix+ too, I use it before applying makeup. I have never tried it as an after makeup spray.


    • I find it’s great to apply after if I’ve ever put on too much powder or just want to keep that luminious finish xx

  • I’m really desperate to get my hands on UD All Nighter Setting spray but the miniature De-Slick spray sounds pretty handy to pop in my handbag too.

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    • It’s perfect for travelling or throwing in your makeup bag when you are at a special event xx

  • A lot of people use MAC Fix + to set their makeup. I wonder how that works out compared to a setting spray. I have also heard the e.l.f. and NYX setting sprays are very comparable to UD.

    Kiran |

    • I don’t find it helps as much with keeping my makeup in place throughout the day but it does help to give my makeup a luminious finish xx

  • I quite like the Urban Decay setting spray, although I find it expensive. Have you tried the Makeup Revolution one? I find that a good, affordable alternative.

    Kirstie |

  • I’m desperate to try the Urban Decay one! I’ve heard so many good things x


  • FloralBeautii

    Great post! Your blog is amazing and so inspiring for new beauty bloggers like us! :)

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  • Lizzie

    Great post! I really need to try the Urban Decay one everyone says how good it is x

  • I started with Model In A Bottle too! Urban Decay De-Slick is my current favourite though. Great post!

    xo, Liz

  • I really wish the L’Oreal was available in the UK, I’ve only heard good things! The UD De-Slick has been a life-saver over summer too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  • I love the Urban Decay setting sprays – just bought the Ben Nye one recently so I’m going to give that a whirl!

  • I am so undecided about setting sprays. I have the L’oreal one and I like it but I feel like it’s hard to see the results. The UD is really incredible though!

    • I mainly use them when I have a special event as then I can really tell that it helps to make my makeup stay in place xx

  • UD setting spray is something that always saves my makeup on nights out or important occasions! I’m really tempted to try those from MAC, because I’ve heard many good stuff about this one!

    • I like the MAC one to use before makeup or after if my skin is feeling dry – great for hydration but UD is best to keep things locked in place :) xx