Inside My Handbag Makeup Essentials


It’s Friday which means one thing and one thing only – new video time! Four weeks have already passed and this is officially my fourth video thats sitting live on YouTube, doesn’t time go quick when you are having fun! I really hope you have been enjoying the videos – I’ve loved filming them and sharing them all with you.

This weeks drop is all about that mystery green bag that lives inside my handbag. Filled with makeup minis and essentials they form my emergency collection. Whether I need to redo my makeup, oomph it up for evening plans or simply touch up any areas that have disappeared throughout the day, this will see me through. Sit back, relax and press play!

  • Charline Steuckers

    Wow you carry around suite some stuff everyday! My handbag is already sooo heavy, my back would break if I carried around that much make up everyday ;) I usually have a little pouch with a perfume sample, a travelsize tangle teezer, some powder foundation to touch up during the day and the lipgloss or lipstick I’m wearing that day. Also some bobby pins and elastic bands are great for putting in your bag, for those emergency cases where you need your hair to be out of your face ;)

    Loved the video, I really like them!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    • And there I was thinking it wasn’t a lot ;) The joys of working a full time job and wanting to be prepared for any event. Though saying that I hardly use it most of the time – typical!xx

  • Loved this video Siobhan! I don’t tend to carry around much makeup with me day to day so this was interesting to watch :)

    Kate xo //

    • So glad you liked it :) I think I’ve got so used to carrying it around now it has become like a comfort blanket!xx

  • So many lovely things! I’m pretty minimal in what I bring – hand sanitizer, lip balm, my lip colour, a concealer and floss :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Karii Zenteno

    Hahaha you’re funny, Loved the video! I dont carry much with me but you kinda made me think about bringing more stuff with me and how useful they could be :)

    • So glad you liked it :) The joys of last minute drinks or weepy eye making your eyeliner smudge! I am always prepared haha xx

  • Bella

    You’re a natural in your videos, can’t wait to see what else you come up with :D!

  • I love the colour of your make up bag! Great to spot in a dark bucket bag. I keep my portable charger in my make up bag too along with a big handful of lip crayons :) great minds think a like! xo