Empties #10


It’s been a while since an empties post has featured on this dear blog. Don’t get me wrong I have been using products up, there was just never a noticeable amount to worthy a post. Luckily I’ve upped the anti and got a bundle of empty beauty products to share with you. I swear, in any other capacity it would be so weird to show you empty products I’m about to throw in the bin. Beauty blogging aye ;)

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel – I’ve finally used up the first of many Oskia Renaissance Cleansers and I’m already well into my second one. What can I say, I love this stuff and so does my skin. My first bottle went slightly quicker then it should thanks to my overzealous pumping when this was first in my skincare routine, but that being said it still lasted a good 4/5 months of everyday use. Nothing compares to this soothing yet cleansing gel/oil that keeps my skin clean and clear without any areas of irritation.

Verdict – repurchased and already using!

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial – oh look another skincare item that I’ve done nothing but rave about over the past few months ;) Copy and past the above paragraph shall we? After I initially purchased this I promised myself a repurchase would not happen. Considering that price tag I couldn’t…could I? I did. As soon as that last pump happened I headed out to a Space NK that same day to stock back up on this incredible night oil. Keeping my skin supple and smooth I adore this gulp pricey oil.

Verdict – repurchased and already using!

GlamGlow YouthMud Mask – my tiny pot of glam glow is compete and ya know what, I wasn’t actually fan. Since their first release the brand has received a cult like status for their range of detoxifying masks that combat a wide range of skin concerns. Although for many GlamGlow are the only brand they will trust when it comes to masks, I honestly couldn’t get on with the formula. Firstly, it was incredibly drying for my skin and left my sensitive cheeks red, secondly the product dried up thanks to a naff lid. With a steep price tag I couldn’t get onboard and would much rather use a trusty Origins mask.

Verdict – will not repurchase

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo – when it comes to haircare, Philip Kingsley are a brand that I go back to time and time again. I’ve never disliked a product I’ve tried from their range so when the time struck of needing a new shampoo it was the first brand I headed to. With promises of lifted roots and voluminous tresses for fine textured hair it sounded perfect. After a couple of washes my hair appeared to have more bounce but alas that Victoria Secret volume was nowhere to be seen.

Verdict – didn’t repurchase, instead bought the next product!

Kérastase Spécifique Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo – being a person who struggles between the two extremes of oily roots yet dry ends thanks to bleaching, finding one shampoo that can treat both areas is a struggle. With an InStyle Beauty Award under it’s belt I was expecting good things from this Kérastase Balancing Shampoo and boy did it deliver. Able to combat both areas of my hair woes, I’m left with soft and silky tresses that look nourished and in great condition.

Verdit – repurchased and already using!