Bedside Table Collective

bedside table

You can spot a beauty addict a mile off by eyeing up their bedside table. Crammed with potions and lotions it’s a prime spot for storing beauty essentials and ensuring you keep up with your routines right before you head off to the land of nod. Although I try and keep the area as tidy and minimal as possible, you can’t escape those key items that get picked up night and day.

First up – the essentials. These are stored in an old Rituals candle and comprise of hand lotions and lip balms. Oh yes two of each are required but there is logic behind the madness I promise ;) For hand creams there is the Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream giving a quick fix when your hands are feeling dry and the Soap and Glory Endless Glove for a more intense and overnight treatment. It’s the same story when it comes to lip balms, the Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment is there for a moisture fix throughout the day whereas the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask provides overnight care that helps to repair the most chapped and damaged of lips.

Throughout the year I also keep my favourite candle by my bedside, ready and waiting for those pamper evenings aka indulging in a Netflix marathon whilst snuggled up under my duvet! The Trish McEvoy Wild Bluberry Vanilla Scent Candle* is utterly divine and is one of those smells that are so good I could eat it, a real treat every time it’s burnt. Final additions are the less glamorous essentials, First Defence to help prevent another onset sneeze attack and also a fluffy pair of cozy socks just in case my tootsies get cold.

What are your bedside table essentials?

*pr sample