A Nail Polish Pairing

festive duo
festive duo

Considering the past few months I’ve been a devoted shellac wearer, I am slowly getting back into my nail polish collection and experimenting with different combinations and pairings. To bring the glitter, keep things dark and mysterious and use some shades that had fallen towards the back of the cupboard, I’ve curated a magic pairing that is perfect of this festive season.

For the base I kept things dark. Bringing the deep reds that almost look black it had to be Essie’s Wicked to withstand the polish on top and still shine through. This shade is one of the darkest I own and worn alone or paired with something seriously sparkly, it holds it own and provides a great base that doesn’t chip after a days wear.

For the top coat I went to town. Going bold and embracing the uber sparkles I popped a layer of Models Own Pink Fizz that seriously brings the glitter bomb. Pairing it with the dark Wicked shade helps to keep things on the chic side, however you can’t get past the glitter attack on going here. What can I say it’s Christmas, embrace those polishes you might not usually reach for and show off your sparkly side with your manicure.