Keeping that Summers Glow

keeping tan alive

If you are anything like me, holidays aren’t just a time for relaxing, shopping and indulging in a couple of cocktails, they are also prime opportunity to rekindle your love with that big ball of heat up in the sky and get some colour on your skin. I am naturally rather pale and as I’m not a fan of fake tan, the only chance of a kiss of colour is when I am away. Now I am by no means a sun worshiper, my skin is far to British for that and burns in an instant, however even just walking around and chilling in the shade gives me a little bit of golden colour. As soon as I arrive home my first thoughts are on keeping that lovely colour on my skin as long as possible, who knows when I’ll next be able to enhance the glow so preservation becomes top priority!

Starting with the most vital step – a hydrating and soothing after sun. My new favourite is the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter as not only does it smell utterly divine, it also helps to cool any burns whilst keeping my skin super soft and supple. I applied this throughout my holiday and since returning home use this post shower. Moisturised skin holds a tan and prevents it from peeling away, I just have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t actually edible whoops. When the glow beings to dissipate I turn to those products that contain a hint of self tanner, the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning and After Sun Moisturiser Self Tanning both help to keep that golden colour strong when it is determined to run away.

The liquid bronze is used on my face three times a week, right before bed and I use a cotton pad to swipe the product across my face. In the morning that warmth is restored and you only need a small 50p sized amount to keep the glow alive. For the body the self tanning after sun comes into play and I even use this whilst away to keep everything looking super tanned. I find if used on consecutive days it can leave you looking a tad orange so every couple of days this is perfect to top up that golden glow. If my skin does begin to flake I head straight for the oils and douse my body in the stuff whilst keeping my fingers & toes crossed that the tan doesn’t peel away ;)

  • Beauty Lyme

    Have you tried the Lime Coolada aftersun from Hawaiian Tropic?! Smells diviiiine!!

  • thisgirlloveschic

    i agree with you on this post!! will need to invest in some tanning products

    Girl Loves Chic

    : ThisGirlLovesChic


  • Another not self tanner fan here! I like the subtle glow I get from walking around in the sun, but that’s it… And in the end I’m lucky to get even a couple of shades darker during the whole summer! That after sun looks dreamy, I remember someone mentioning it but I’ve never picked it up… I have to remember to! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • It smells SO good! I burn far too easily and it’s horrible so it’s all about the subtle glow from the shade ;) xx

  • Clarins & HT = great for summer and even better after summer :).

  • Ive been dying to try the Clarins Liquid Bronze – so pale right now, I need another holiday ASAP!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

    • That’s the problem as soon as you’ve had a holiday you want another one straight afterwards haha xx

  • Dying to try the clarins liquid bronze!! My boyfriends mum uses it religiously and she says its the best thing for a healthy glow on the face :)