Haul Week: The Makeup

haul week

Look at me saving the best till last ;) When it comes to shopping the big loves are always in the cosmetic category. Makeup makes my heart beat faster, my senses start to tingle and you may even see me quicken my pace to hop foot it over to a counter. Obsessed? Me? Never! The first makeup hauling came in the form of repurchases. Thanks to spending my summer last year in the Bournemouth sun, I had a golden glow from May through to October. This resulted in some of my staples being a shade too dark, but I’ve finally corrected it! Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20 is now in my mitts, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla has been added and I even picked up the Benefit Gimmie Brow in Light/Medium. The Chanel Les Beiges Powder is a repurchase for the one I’ve finished up and I also got the NARS Concealer in Custard to match my current tanned shade. Now, onto the newbies!

haul week

Hello lovers. New makeup, aint it a beaut. A few of these items have been on my wish list for quite a white, the Benefit Watt’s Up HighlighterAnastasia Brow Whiz and Bite Argave Lip Mask have made their way into my collection and boy am I glad I took the plunge and snapped them up. To add to the stash I also got the Kat Von D Ink Liner and Lock-It Concealer, both are incredible but oh boy is the concealer good! Wanting something that didn’t have an applicator to help keep everything clear from bacteria this packs some serious coverage yet is super lightweight and moisturising on the skin – one of the best items I bought!

I also picked up the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Size Palette, as it was too cute to resist, alongside the Hourglass Indestructible Matte in this adorable mini size. Last up is the Living Proof Style Lab Instant Texture Spray (also in a mini size) and the Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in 20 Peach Sorbet which I have been trying to get my hands on ever since the Surf and Sand Collection was released. Everything I bought got used whilst I was away and I haven’t been disappointed by a single thing!

haul week

The final item was this indulgent purchase. I didn’t know whether Sephora would have one in stock, over in the Forum they were out however when I headed over to the Venetian, there it sat just telling me to buy it. The NARS Yachiyo Brush #27 is officially the most expensive brush I have bought but man is it a beaut! It’s spun handle and tapered design can be used for blush, contour and highlight and gives a soft dusting to the cheeks that can be easily blended out. A complete overindulgence but worth event cent spent.

  • Beauty Lyme

    Oh wow! I want everything!! Amazing haul! Hope you enjoy using them all!

  • This is such a good haul!! Woah! I wish I could make a trip stateside especially during Black Friday! :-) I recently picked up Chanel Les Beiges in No. 20 as well! Its just so GOOD! :-) I really need a lighter shade in the Nars concealer for my winter skin but no luck so far!

    • Oh wow America on Black Friday must be insane! Might have to try it one year ;) It gets expensive having to buy for different skin tones doesn’t it. The struggles of tanning haha xx

  • I can’t even begin to comment as you’ve bought so many lovely thing! Makeup shopping is the best thing ever. I wish I could get Les Beiges in 10 as 20 it’s a summer shade only for me! That brush is gorgeous, I might have bought it too! That Smashbox travel palette has to be so beautiful! ;) xx

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    • Bahah I did go a little overboard didn’t I *whoops* Do you love the brush too?! I was worried I wouldn’t but luckily it applies my Hourglass Blusher a dream! So glad I got it in the end xx

  • I really want the mini exposure palette and hourglass lippy now they look so cute! xx


  • so cute *____*

  • Great haul. Nars concealer is definitely a staple and I use Vanilla as well. I hope the brush is worth the money!

    • So far it has been – was worried initially but it is gorgeous and works a dream with my Hourglass Blusher xx

  • What a beautiful haul – I want that NARS brush so badly. Excited to see that there’s a mini version of Smashbox Exposure. Welcome to Anastasia Brow Wiz world – there is no going back – love that stuff!

    Nic x


    • I think you might be right – I am an Anastasia convert!! So glad I finally picked one up xx

  • *wipes away tears of pride* Well done girl, well done. So want to know your thoughts on the Nars brush – I’ve picked it up to play with a million times but it felt so light and wispy, and “not £40+ worth” that I’ve not taken the plunge… BUT I may be a weight-ist snob and it’s actually shamazing??


    • So glad I made you proud!! The NARS brush I hate to say is gorgeous – the lightness works in its favor as it applies blusher and blends it out so softly. It’s unique compared to the other brushes I own and has already become a staple. Damn that price tag!!xx

      • Oh boy that’s like good news and terrible news all jumbled in one!! And AS IF you are following me now, you are one of my fave bloggers – it means the world!!! xx

        • I know I think I need to pitch up a tent so I can live outside it! Aw and bless you – sorry it’s taken me so long!! Your blog is lovely you should be very proud of it!xx

          • Hahahaha me too! And thank you so much, that has made my day! xx

  • Truly wonderful products.


  • Shen

    These posts are making me so excited for some serious Sephora hauling :) xxx

    • I recommend going as soon as you land as then you buy everything in sight! Don’t think my bank balance was prepared at all :P xx

  • I think I just got second hand excitement for new makeup from this post! haha! x

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  • Nora Gouma

    Amazing haul. Love your picks :)


  • Kim

    I love everything here! Need to try Watts Up and Gimme Brow :) x

  • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

    I think you do ;) You won’t regret it!xx