Empties #9


After my sizeable shopping spree in the States I’m sure you will be just as surprised as me to see that there are a bundle of empty products sitting and waiting to be shared with you. I’ve managed to collect a fair few items over the summer as clearly I’ve been powering through the products using up everything to the very last bit, impressive aye ;) Instead of rambling on with an overview I going to get straight into the nitty gritty and power through the largest empties haul to date!

Nars Creamy Concealer – this is the second NARS concealer that I’ve finished and it’s clear to see that I love it (aka my skin has been terrible!). I’m so much of a fan that the repurchase has already happened in two shades. Admitting defeat to my pale skin I nabbed the lighter colour vanilla but may have also snuck a custard into my shopping bag just for those days when I retain more of a tan ;)

Verdict – repurchased but now has some stiff competition from the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Alpha H Liquid Gold – why oh why did I ever stop using this stuff, it is a skincare staple and saviour. I contribute the turnaround of my skin to this wonder product, incorporating it twice a week into your routine makes an incredible amount of difference. It helps to keep spots at bay, the texture of my skin is improved and overall my face is visibly clearer and more happy. I don’t find this to be too harsh on my sensitive skin and vow to never stop using it again!

Verdict – already repurchased and will carry on repurchasing!

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray – if you are an oily skinned gal like myself then this will be a summer essential. It helps to prevent my makeup from sliding down my face and gets taken away on every holiday I’m lucky enough to jet off to. It helps keep everything in place and I am so much of a fan that I may own a big sized bottle and a travel sized bottle – too scared to be without it on a hot summers day!

Verdict – will repurchase once my travel size bottle runs out

Nip & Fab CC Eye Fix – back in the day this was my HG concealer for those pesky under eye bags. It worked a dream at masking and lightening my eye area but thanks to it being rather hard to get hold of it slipped off my repurchase list. Instead the Smashbox BB Cream Eyes has taken it’s place and provides a tad more coverage for stubborn dark blue areas.

Verdict – unlikely to repurchase again

Bobbi Brown Corrector – another under eye concealer bites the dust! Man I must remind myself to get more sleep ;) Again this once was a HG item (also been through two of these) however the thick consistency has become more of a hate then love relationship. My tastes have switched towards the lighter finishes and this ends up sitting on my skin throughout the day.

Verdict – unlikely to repurchase again unless I get some serious eye bag problems!

Chanel Les Beiges Healthly Glow Powder – hello handbag essential alert. Although I hadn’t technically finished this up, I had hit pan and found myself at the Chanel duty free counter pondering what else I needed to buy ;) This is the perfect travel powder as it’s lightweight and the finely milled formula doesn’t cake on the skin. It effortlessly removes shine and keeps makeup in place.

Verdict – already repurchased

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask – this may just be my all-time new favourite mask. Yes it’s another charcoal based one but it’s on another level compared to the rest. Not just on the price front (it makes my eyes water when I think of the cost) but it makes a vast improvement to the quality of my skin even from a single use. Impurities are drawn out and reduced all whilst my skin is kept feeling hydrated in comparison to the average charcoal mask. It feels luxurious when you use it and you only need a small amount to cover your whole face.

Verdict – have popped on my birthday list so *fingers crossed* the birthday fairy brings it my way!