Keeping Shine at Bay


Antipodes Translucent Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder

Shine is my achilles heal. As soon as the beacon of light up ahead beams bright, my face instantly reacts and forgets about every mattifying or oil free product that was applied to it and begins to build up a layer of shine that I am pretty sure can be seen from the moon. Throughout my T Zone the slick starts and it breaks through any powder or foundation to say a big old hello to the world.  Add in the fact I now commute to and from work across trains and tubes, any about of shine is instantly doubled and it gives the shine machine another reason to rear it’s pesky head.

Although my aim is to combat these breakthroughs, I am conscious that the more I layer on my skin the worse it can be. Building up with foundation and powder only means that my makeup is more likely to slip away and look patchy throughout the day. Instead, I like to keep things minimal and opt for a single powder to do the trick. The Antipodes Translucent Finishing Powder does just that and coming from the organic skincare giant, you know your skin is in good hands.

No only does a dusting of this powder keep the dreaded shine at bay, it also increases the staying powder of your makeup, reduces the appearance of pores all whilst adding a brightness to your skin that keeps it looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. The powder contains an antioxidant which makes it perfect as well for those with blemishes or problem prone skin. Paired with the Natural Hair Kabuki Brush this buffs the product into the skin to leave a flawless finish. Shine – you have met your match!

*pr sample