Icelandic Eye Relief


Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen

Eye creams are one of those illusive products that I just can’t make my mind up about. One moment I find myself obsessed with them, layering on my favourite pick like clockwork throughout my skincare routine, but then there is the more common tradition of forgoing them all together. Usually my serum gets slapped on way before remember there is an eye that should have been applied and once the moisturiser is on, it’s all got too late. Adding an extra step into my skincare routine can be a faff when there is already a lot whoops so sadly eye creams usually fall to the bottom of the priority list.

That was until I saw the state of my bags in the reflection on a train recently. Oh yes, even in the smudged and blurred reflection of the glass in a train window, there they were, plain as day, massive bags. Until someone adds in an extra five hours to the day purely for sleeping, I’m left relying on potions and lotions to aid my problem areas. This super speedy offering from Skyn Iceland* is therefore just perfect. With ingredients that fight away puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles, this not only treats the pesky areas but also gives a lovely cooling sensation. I haven’t used this enough to see dramatic results yet but it’s depuffing results are a dream come true.

FYI if you ever see me on a tube you will see me hiding in the corner with my eyes closed applying this repeatedly!

*pr sample