Latex for your Nails

nail inc latex
nail inc latex
nail inc latex

Nails Inc Latex

If you are looking to spice up your nail care routine – look no further then this latest Nails Inc launch. Coming to a manicure near you, Latex Effect is in town and it’s time to get all aboard the funky new formulas with this great release. A ground breaking collection comprising of four different shades, this is the first effect polish that has grabbed my attention and managed to keep it. I’m not overly adventurous with my nails resulting in most new formulas bypassing me, fabric on your nails? Really? That being said, this luxe finish that looks chic once applied had to be given the AGAABB once over.

The Latex Effect polish applies glossy yet dries to a waxy matte finish. The effect doesn’t look overly harsh on the nail yet does create more impact than a standard matte polish. These varnishes dry incredibly quickly and are also foolproof to apply. Once the gloss turns to matte you know the polish is dry and ready for the next coat. For a deep opaque colour two coats would be wise, however there is no need to faff with a top coat on this one. For a nude option pick up Camden Passage but if you are ready to grab bold by the horns, Shoreditch Hightstreet will be your new BFF.

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