Back in the SPF Game


Zelens Daily Defence – £55

If, like me, the only thing you know about skincare brand Zelens is their eye watering prices and Resurfacing Facial Pads that you are more then willing to sell a toe or five for, then it’s time to hold onto your hats. Enough of cooing over pots and potions in my local Space NK, it’s time to dive in and slap some of that scientific natural beauty all over my face. Zelens is created by Harley Street plastic surgeon and skin cancer expert, Dr Lens. A man who knows how to make things look good for a living all whilst keeping your skin happy and healthy, I’ll have me some of whatever he is cooking up!

Alongside a range of eye creams, facial oils, treatments and serums, Zelens is also ready to protect your delicate face from those harmful rays that the glorious ball of fire in the sky emits. Their Daily Defence is a sunscreen with SPF of 30 and UVA and UVB protection. If it’s possible to fall head over heels with an SPF, I have. The light formula sinks into your skin to protect sun damage all whilst combatting the sings of ageing, not only that, there is no ghost face in sight.

Although this pips the post of best SPF for your face in my eyes, I am yet to have a dabble with the 2013 favourite, the Kiehl’s Daily UV Defence SPG 50. It may have found it’s way onto my wish list for when I am on holiday so I will have to report back and let you ono which has won my SPF heart. You may have to rob a bank to pick one up but once you have, it’s well worth it and your skin will be thanking you with glowing hugs.

*pr sample