Evolution of the Foundation Brush

foundation brush

Alongside makeup tastes and trends changing, the tools you use to apply your products has also taken a bit of an evolutionary tale. One area in particular that has seen the tides shift over the years is the good old foundation brush. From flat traditional brushes to duo fibre selections and the more recent buffing brush craze, over the years the tool that aids you to achieve a flawless base has been through a far few makeovers of it’s self. Looking through my collection I’ve managed to mount up a fair few brushes that, although all used for the same thing, they do give rather different results.

MAC 190 Foundation Brush – This I believe was my first ever foray into the foundation brush world. A traditional brush this gives a professional finish and works well with both medium and light coverages. Similar to a paint brush this always made me feel like I was painting my face in the mornings!

MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush – Starting to move into the buffering brush territory this was the second brush I picked up and added into my routine. A large circular brush this works best with lighter coverages and was the BFF to my MAC Face and Body foundation. A expensive number that sheds, the synthetic fibres do wash well and it started off the love affair with buffing my foundation in.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki – This was the big brush that changed it all. A dense brush with a flat top, this birthed the buffing craze. One of the first brushes that was heavily raved about on blogs and YouTube videos, everyone and their dog owned a Sigma F80 as there was no denying the gorgeous flawless finish this left to your skin.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – Moving onto the second big brush craze, Real Technique broke onto the scene and no other brands could get a look in. This was the lighter, cheaper and easier to get hold of if you live in the UK version of the infamous Sigma F80. Living up to it’s name this buffs in all levels of coverage to leave flawless skin behind. To date one of my most used brushes and still going strong within my makeup collection.

Louise Young Super Foundation Brush – This is the newest brush to join the collection and takes a step away from the more traditional buffing brushes. A large and luxurious brush this applies foundation in mere seconds. It’s size means product is distributed evenly and quickly and it’s slightly tapered cut means it can reach all areas of your face. Could we be on the cusp of a new brush craze? ;)