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kate spade
kate spade
kate spade

Kate Spade Contour iPhone Case

Whoever thought your iPhone case could inspire you to set up shop at your desk, pop on a YouTube video and delve into a spot of nail art? This is exactly what happened after adoring my iPhone with a new case from gorgeous designer Kate Spade. Back when my old phone was in tact I used to have a snazzy black and pink spot case from the popular US brand. One upgrade latter and the sharp design and bold colours had been replaced for something a lot more practical and dull. Yes it kept my phone safe and stopped any knocks or drops from causing problems, however I did miss having something with a bit more personality.

To dress up my nails to match my new phone case I paired two Essie Polishes together to create a polkadot effect. Not the most advanced nail art to man kind but this is a pretty steep step for a nail noob like myself! The shades used were Truth or Flare as the base coat and Cocktail Bling for the dots. I love the subtle design these shades combined create and the pair I find work quite flattering together. One or two dots made have ended up smudged but overall I gave myself a pat on the back. Cute new nails to match my cute new phone case!

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