Skincare & Haircare Organisation


YouTube and Beauty Blogs have seem to have exploded over the last few days with makeup collections and storage posts. Maybe it’s down to the Spring breeze in the air or the need to have everything meticulously stored away, but for some reason everyone seems to have caught the organisational bug. Whether it be sprucing up your current area or investing in some new pieces, Spring has ignited the need to review how your current stash is homed.

When I moved back to Bournemouth a priority was to set up an area in my room to house all my beauty bits, considering the first three months were spent balancing a desk organiser on a suitcase, the need to get something more permanent was rather vital. In order to give everything a home I picked up the Malm Dressing Table and Malm Chest of 4 Draws in White from Ikea. The dressing table houses all my makeup with the addition of some Muji draws on top, I swear I don’t have too much :P and then in terms of skincare this has all lives on top of the Malm Chest.

I prefer having all my skincare items in my room so I can leisurely apply my evening serum without being hustled out of the bathroom. Bar my masks, products that are for other seasons or backups, everything lives on top of my Malm Chest. This was all fine and dandy until it came to the task of dusting. To make my life easier (and the focus on this blog post) I got the little white heart trays that you can see in the above photos. I received them for Christmas from my Mum who picked them up from Not On The High One for skincare and one for haircare everything is safely kept inside making them easily maneuverable when it comes to the task of cleaning.

In my miscellaneous basket I have anti-perspirant, hair spray, fake tan, nail varnished remover, daily perfumes and my hair brushes in a pen holder. The second tray is jam packed with skincare items, with a couple of haircare bits that have sneaked in, I’m looking at you BB Texture Creme* and Philip Kingsley Maximizer. From toners to moisturisers to morning cleansers to overnight treatments, everything I reach for on a daily basis are housed here. I switch products out depending on the seasons and my skincare needs, and all my masks live in my bathroom. Although this may seem messy to some I love having everything on display in an easy to reach place.

I’ve switched and changed my organisation around a bit but I’ve finally come to a set up I am super happy with. I also have two wicker baskets in the top draw of the chest, one for extra haircare bits that I don’t reach for everyday and one for all my minis ready for when I make that next trip away. Everything is easy to grab and more importantly, doesn’t get forgotten about whilst looking pretty in my room.

*pr sample