My Makeup #7 The ‘Non Makeup’ Edition


Today I bring you a slightly different ‘My Makeup’ post. Instead of the usual power pick of cosmetics that I like to apply on a daily basis, I have stripped things back to the bare minimum to create a look that is my go to choice on the weekends. Only using eight products, when one of those include a primer, is pretty darn impressive for my makeup obsessed self. Even though I like to don a little more makeup for the days to work, when it comes to weekends I like to try and limit my makeup consumption. Sundays are usually makeup free days (shock horror!) and Saturdays I just pop on the above items to enhance my features without making it look like I’ve spent all day getting ready. Whether I’m heading into town, spending a raucous day in Sainsburys or even meeting up with friends for lunch, these are the select eight that will get me through the day.

When I am going for a ‘no makeup makeup’ look I still like to use a primer, hands down my favourite is the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Oil Free and I’ve just recently picked up my second bottle, that’s dedication. This helps to keep my skin hydrated whilst ensuring any makeup I do choose to apply stays in place all day. My base of choice for these relaxed days is the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm Cream SPF 25. Depending on how my skin is acting during the week I sometimes require a slightly heavier coverage that has me reaching for my Origins Planscription Foundation, but the weekends is reserved solely for BB. It gives me that slight hint of coverage that I crave whilst letting my skin show through. To prevent my under-eyes from looking like they’ve been in a fight all night I pop on some Nip & Fab CC Eye Fix* that not only conceals my dark circles, it also highlights the area under my eyes to make me look more alert and awake.

Even on no-makeup days I can’t forgo my bronzer and contour. When you have chubster cheeks like mine contouring becomes a must and my Liz Earle Natural Glow Bronzer* does just the trick. A soft colour that doesn’t leave you looking like an extra from TOWIE, it gives my face shape and definition so my cheeks don’t become the main focal point. What I love about days of little makeup is that it gives a chance for my beloved Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy to shine through. Since picking this blush up it has become one of my must have blushers and the fact that I’ve hit pan and put a backup on my shopping list for LA, shows just how much love I have for it. As the colour payoff packs a punch you need the smallest amount but it gives your cheeks a soft and natural flush like you’ve just pinched your cheeks. It really adds a lovely youthfulness to my skin and every time I wear it I am asked what blusher it is. Finally for eyes it’s just a quick coat of my L’Oreal Mega Volume Collagen Mascara and Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara to finish everything off. To keep with the natural, no-makeup look I select my most used lip product of the moment, you guessed it, the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade. Swoon, I really adore this colour and the slight kiss of pink it adds to your lips. Not only that I carry it around with me and end up using it as a lip balm, lipstick and lipgloss! The perfect combo item.

Do you like to have days where you wear less makeup? What picks make it in your non-makeup makeup favourites?

*pr sample