Purify Your Way Through Winter


Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm – £37.80*

If there is anything on the market that claims to reduce imperfections and even out skin tone my ears are alerted and my eyes dart over. My skin is better then I give it credit for but you know when those pesky scars, blemishes or areas of redness just won’t budge you will try pretty much anything to see if it will help. Darphin are a Parisian skincare company that use blends of plants and pure essential oils to create a range of skincare loving products. My first encounter with them was with the Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water which you can read my rave review on here. This is still hands down my favourite micellar water and even though I keep looking and trying cheaper alternatives, nothing compares! French skincare specialists are renowned for knowing their stuff when it comes to skincare and anything that is raved about by French ladies with perfect skin is something that I am more then willing to try out!

The Aromatic Purifying Balm is a solid balm that you scoop a tiny bit out with your fingers and warm up in your hands. Once warm it turns into more of a softer consistency that you can work over your face. I apply this a couple of times a week, or when my skin needs it, at night and in the morning my skin looks clearer and any angry redness has subsided. This balm contains 12 essential oils and these work away to help clarify and reduce the signs of imperfections. I have found that this really helps with any blemishes and in the morning those pesky spots are just a nightmare from the night before! This is a pricy little pot but you need the smallest amount and sometimes I just dab it on the areas that need it as opposed to all over my face. It’s a great product to have on your skincare shelf for those days when you need something that you know works.

*pr sample

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