Essie’s Beyond Cozy


Essie Beyond Cozy – £7.99

Christmas + Essie + Glitter + Sparkle = Beyond Cozy! I picked up this polish the other week when I was out shopping for some Lemsip tablets to help with a nasty cough. Understandably when you are feeling worse for wear and have to rush back to work a sparkling beauty across the counter will naturally catch your eye and end up in your shopping basket. What can I say, it made me feel a lot better then the Lemsip did! When I first saw this polish I wasn’t that driven to buy it and after seeing swatches online I came to the conclusion that my 3 picks were enough and this was just not needed. Then I heard that this was hard to get hold of so when I next saw it I just had to make sure it was mine!

What I love about this polish is that in standard Essie style the glitter is finely milled and is more of an overall shimmer on your nails as opposed to chunks of glitter that will easily fall off. Two coats and your good to go! The biggest surprise of this polish is the colour, is it gold, is it silver? You just never know! Certain lights it looks solid silver but then you catch a glimpse and the gold shines through. It packs a punch on your nails but not so much that you feel overwhelmed by a glitter bomb. To help get myself into the Christmas spirit I paired this with Leading Lady (which you can see swatches of here) on my toes and alternated between the two on each toe. Perfect festive cheer!

If you are looking for something to glitz up your nails head down to Boots or Superdrug to pick up this polish (and Leading Lady whilst your at it :P).

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