Travel Essentials with Muji

Packing is the bane of my life. I am a girl who likes her home comforts and likes options so when it comes to packing I am a terrible overpacker. I always worry that I won’t have what I want or that I will decide one night I just must wear purple eyeshadow! With  moving back to Bournemouth for work I will be travelling back and forth to London a lot more. When I was at Uni I tried to build up almost two sets of everything so that when I did go home for the weekend I didn’t need to take too much home. As everything I had double of I have pretty much used up I am now trying to plan how to keep a backup of my necessities at home. One way this can be done is with the help of Muji.
Muji is a store that is a must for the majority of people’s makeup organisation and also travel essentials. They have a great range of bottles that can be used to decant products into. Usually I will do this to take products away with me but as I will be mainly in Bournemouth instead I am decanting some products to leave at home. One product that I will be doing this with is my shampoo and conditioner. I have recently dabbled into the world of professional haircare (all to achieve some volume!) so instead of splashing out on buying more instead I have bought two of Muji’s P.E 50g Tubes at £1.50 each. What’s great about these is that they are squeezey so it is easier to get the product back out again.
Alongside the all important bottles I have also bought a Medium Tarpaulin Cosmetic Case (£3.95). I have needed to replace my toiletry bag for a while and I like the fact that with this one you can see the products inside. It is also pretty streamlined and should stop me having the dreaded massive bag that won’t fit into my suitcase!
I am always on the hunt for great travel bottles and things that will help to make packing that little bit more painless. What are your favourite travel essentials?