L’Oreal Volume Lift


When I got my hair cut short a few weeks ago (which you can see here) I had one of the first blow dries that I liked. I don’t know whether it is just me but I never seem to like how my hair is blow dried professionally or in a salon. It’s either to poofy, not poofy enough or they decide to give some seriously crown volume lift and ignore my parting which just confuses me. This time however it was perfect. There was a curl, volume, shine. It was beautiful and made me want all the products that was used on my hair.

The main product that was used (and is used on pretty much all my blow drys from Headmasters) is the L’Oreal Professional Tecniart Volume Lift in Force 3. I bought this directly from a Headmasters salon for £10.30. I’ve not tried anything else from the L’Oreal Professional range before but as far as I’m aware their products come in varying degrees of force from 1-6 for all your style hold needs!

Onto the product inside the can. The L’Oreal Professional Volume Lift is quite simply a volume boosting moose. This should be applied to wet hair and I spray it directly at the root of my hair, mainly to add more volume but secondly because I learnt the hard way that if you generally spray it all over your hair you will end up with white moose all over your room! When I bought this moose I was told that the key was heat. This moose needs to be blow dried with a hairdryer in order to active its magic and create the volume. Quite simply no heat – no volume. What’s great about this product is that it does exactly what it says. It gives you serious volume lift without leaving behind the dreaded product build-up feel in your hair. Obviously if you over moose in one area your hair will feel a bit crispy after but this can quickly be resolved with a hair brush.

Now you may remember me talking about the Philip Kingsley Maximizer (review here) which pretty much does the same thing but in spray form. Do you need them both and which one is better? Well in my eyes you do need them both. That might seem a bit OTT but I love the Philip Kingsley Maximizer for volume during the week. The L’Oreal Volume Lift however is the key item when doing my hair for a night out or an event to me some extra lift and va va voom. Teamed with the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Serum and Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (reviews to come soon) big, glamorous, volume hair is achieved!

Have you tried this volume lift moose before? Would love to know what your favourite product is to achieve volume in your hair!