Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

after falling head over heals for the real techniques buffing brush from their core collection i wanted to try out some of their other brushes to see if they also lived up to the hype. next up on my list was the blush brush. it is quite a thick brush but doesn’t feel too dense when used. the brush tapers in the centre to allow for precise application that can be blended out with ease with the rest of the brush.
as with most things i don’t end up using this brush for it’s intended use! i found that due to the taper in the brush this created too much of a line when applying blush. the blush ended up to be too focused on one area of my face and i found it hard to create a light soft dust of colour. instead i paired this brush up with my nars laguna bronzer. as with most contour brushes it had a lot to live up to with my sigma f40 however my f40 is currently sitting unused in my brush holder! i find this brush is perfect for contouring, although it may seem too big on first impressions to use as a contour brush, looks can be deceiving.

the taper in the brush means that i am able to apply a dense and controlled line of colour in the hollow of my cheek. this can then be easily blended out with the bulk of the brush to create a soft but detailed contour. this brush does everything i wish the real techniques contour brush did. so far my sigma f40 has officially been retired and this is now my go to contour brush.

you can buy  this brush from boots for £9.99
have you tried this brush before? what other real technique brushes would you recommend?