Wish List

what do you do after a weekend of wanting to do nothing but shop but are stuck with a less then healthy bank balance? create a wish list of course! i try to always have a little list going of things that i want to buy and i find that writing it down ensures i come back to the list and check to see whether i still want those things. the above items have been on said list for a fair few weeks now so next pay day fingers crossed they will enter the checkout!1. philip kingsley maximizer £13.20
i have wanted to try more of the philip kingsley range after recently using the infamous elasticizer. this product struck me as it claims to give super volume to fine hair whilst adding control and shine. this also has uv protection which prolongs the life of colour treated hair which will be perfect when i go blonde!

2. avene eau thermal anti-redness rich moisturising cream £13.50
i’m not really looking for a new moisturiser at the moment as im happy with the ones i am using but i have always been intrigued by this as it claims to combat redness. i have quite red cheeks and also red skin in areas where my skin in sensitive. i’ve always wanted to try this to see if it would help out

3. caudalie beauty elixir £9.90
if this isn’t on your wish list at the moment then it is probably because you already own it. this little bottle has quickly been doing the rounds recently in the beauty community and if it is a favourite of victoria beckham’s im sure it will be a favourite of mine too!

4. murad vitalic t-zone pore refining gel £50
this is a very pricy product but i have heard some great things about it. it claims to clear pores whilst maintaining a balance between oily and dry skin. murad are a brand that do some great products so when the pennies are saved i will be investing in this

5. ghd hair straightners £119
as i only ever use my straightners to curl my hair i never think about them getting old or running out of life. it was only since i used my friends pair of brand new ghd’s that i noticed the difference. my straightners are a fair few years old but i love them and when i do use them they work wonders. i love the different collections ghd release (my pair at the moment are pink!) and these blue peacock ones have caught my eye

have you tried any of these products before? what is on your wishlist at the moment?