Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation Review

the joys of getting matched to an estee lauder foundation! after selling my double wear foundation as it was far too dark for me (and in a bid to restrain myself from wearing such full coverage foundations) and after being disappointed by the coverage of the double wear light, my eye fell over the recent invisible fluid release. i found myself one day stood at an estee lauder counter casually pointing at this foundation. my inner subconscious was telling me something!my luck was in and a recent issue of glamour contained a sample of said foundation in the shade 2wn1. yes estee lauder numbering systems aim to leave you baffled. i had tanned the night before (xen tan absolute luxe i love you) and popped on the sample the next day to go to work. i got some lovely complements from my colleagues on my complexion that day but i wasnt sure whether it was down to the tan or the foundation. i was also worried that the foundation was only suitable for my skin when off i headed to the estee lauder counter and got a sample of 1wn2. a shade lighter then the glamour sample. when i started to use this sample however it looked very yellow on my skin. luckily the lovely assistant at the counter (in house of fraser oxford street) said if i wasnt happy i could come back and get a sample of a different colour. so i did!

the next sample i got was 1n1. this matches my pale skin perfectly. i did the text on the back of my arm and i couldn’t see the swatch (a sign that its the right colour for you). i got a sample and tested it out straight away the next day. although the colour does match my skin perfectly its pale and makes me look pale and results in zero complements from my colleagues. the glamour sample was the winner so i was cheeky and went back to the counter to get the colour 2wn1 as a full sample.

although this colour is darker it still blends in well to my skin and doesnt make me look like i have a foundation mask on my face. in terms of the consistency of the foundation it is quite watery but provides more coverage then double wear light but not as much as double wear. it lasts pretty much all day and i don’t get any excessive shine when wearing it. after all my drama trying out different shades i’ve come to the conclusion i will get the darker 2wn1 shade as it is perfect for an in-between winter and summer foundation.

i must say that i am very impressed with estee lauder letting me try out these colours and to go back and ask for more advice. the foundation is £27 for 30ml and this price is even more justified knowing all the help and support i got picking the right colour. finally i feel like i can make an informed decision!

have you tried out this foundation before? what are your thoughts?

  • I really want to try this foundation if it really is invisible on the skin. Everyone wants to appear to be naturally flawless right?
    I wish more high end companies would give samples like this i’m sure they would sell more as I have refrained in the past not on the price but on the fear of getting it wrong and wasting my money. x

    • exactly! it does blend in so well to the skin that it looks, as my colleague said ‘like im not even wearing foundation’ i think of more companies did give samples like this they would sell more foundations xx

  • I am obsessed with the Estee Lauder counter at the moment, must try this now!

  • Gem

    I’ve just bought the full size version after sampling 1N1. I know what you mean about being pale but the next colour was too dark for me. I’ll just have to embrace being porcelain!

    I did a review comparing it to to their BB cream which I also sampled:

    • haha i need to try and embrace being porcelain better! my mum has that bb cream that i’ve been trying. its some pretty good stuff!xx

  • I am really looking for something in between Double Wear Light and Double Wear at the moment – will have to check this out! x

  • I love Double Wear but have been considering trying this for a while now. Definitely going to pick up a sample next time I’m in town if I remember :) Estee Lauder are so good with samples and customer service in general :)

  • the price is a little off putting xx

    • i guess but for a slighter higher end foundation that you wear everyday i don’t mind investing in it if i like it xx

  • I absolutely LOVE this foundation. Like you I picked up a few sample shades after the one from Glamour magazine impressed me. It’s worth every single penny and is a new foundation favourite of mine. It’s what I expected Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua to be but so much better and at only £27 I think it’s good value for money. I always love your reviews. Lx

    • thanks so much lovely! as soon as i have used my samples up i will make a sneaky purchase at the estee lauder counter!xx

  • I am so excited about trying this new Estee Lauder foundation when it launches in Australia! Hopefully I will get the same level of customer service you experienced from my local counter.

    Thanks for sharing!