Little Shopping Spree

after making my wish list on monday and getting paid yesterday i decided to indulge in a spot of shopping. i have been pretty good the past few months and have only really bought necessities and a couple of treat items. this month i was sick of being good so headed to the shops!the first item i picked up was the philip kingsley maximizer for £13.20. i got this from fenwick where they stock the philip kingsley range. after making 2012 the year of my hair i’ve been investing more in products to help protect and look after my hair whilst giving me the style i oh so desire. this claims to do just that whilst containing uv protection.the second item i picked up was the gucci flora gorgeous gardenia perfume. i have been spraying this religiously the past month and i am literally obsessed with the smell. its a a lovely sweet fragrance without being too floral but i find it stays really well on the skin. i was lucky enough to have £10 on my debenhams beauty card so bagged this for £39.

might seem like an odd 3rd purchase but this is hands down my favourite body moisturiser. £4.69 from superdrug this is now my 4th bottle of the vaseline essential moisture aloe fresh. i used to never moisturise my skin (i know shock horror) but now i cant be out of the shower for more then 5 minutes without wanting to slather some of this on. its a fairly runny consistency which i like and it soaks in instantly to the skin leaving a soft aloe scent.

i also managed to sneak in a zara purchase too. i don’t know what it is with that store at the moment but i can’t seem to walk out of there without a receipt for a purchase in my hand. needless to say i have well and truly stocked up on my collar tipped and studded shirts!

have you been shopping recently? whats on your pay day wish list?