mua professional immaculate collection

if you havent seen/swatched/heard of mua get yourself down to superdrug stat! mua is a great brand that offers some amazing makeup for only £1. there eyeshadows are super pigmented and have become my staples in my work makeup routine. mua also recently branched out into the mua professional range where they launched the like of eye shadow quads and the infamous 12 shadow palettes that are only £4. mua have now gone one step further and created their immaculate collection which has 24 eyeshadows for only £8!! as soon as this pallet started the rounds on the beauty blogs i knew i had to get my mitts on one
isn’t she beautiful!
my only gripe with this pallet is the placement of the shadows. it literally looks like they have thrown the colours in the pallet. this has resulted in me depotting the entire pallet but means i can now keep these in the same pallet as my mac eyeshadows meaning everything is now in one place (and in the order i want it in :P) also this pallet has a few matte shades but i find they are not pigmented at all. for a brand that are knows for really pigmented shadows i think the matte colours in this pallet let them down

i haven’t included any swatches as to be honest they came out pants! but if you hop on over to your friend google you will find loads for example the sunday girl has done a great post with picture perfect swatches and a list of mac dupes that can be found here!

  • I really want to get this palette but my Superdrug is always sold out! Shame about the matte shadows too – I much prefer matte to shimmery shades! xx

  • MUA does amazing eyeshadows, but like a lot of cheap brands they can’t do the matte shades! Think its because its harder to get them right haha. I don’t mind though because I prefer a little shimmer ;)

    – Allie x

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  • really need to get this pallet! X

  • Will definitely be taking a trip to superdrug, always impressed with MUA products, great quality for a great price! fab post – thank you

    Love Georgia xoxo

  • @Paperbacks and Postcards – they do sometimes have it online. i know i was going to buy it online but then that lunch time i saw it in my local superdrug xx

    @AllieUK – yeah your right! its a shame but like you said i dont mind either i love a bit of shimmer!xx

    @Char – its a great pallet for an insanely good price xx

    @TwoSistersOneObsession – glad you liked it =) i am very impressed with this pallet. mua have done it again!xx

  • Cat

    I love MUA, such a bargain & there’s some beautiful colours in this palette. :)

  • @Cat – there really is. only a couple of dud ones but all the shimmer ones are beautiful xx

  • This looks amazing!!!! I have just bought palettes are christmas presents!!!! Wish I had seen this post first. Grrrr. I like this more!!!!


  • @loveletters and snippets – getting palettes as christmas presents is a great idea! maybe you can treat yourself to this one =) xx

  • I really want a MUA palette after seeing all the hype about the brand!
    I am LOVINGGGG your blog honey! And your YouTube :)

  • @jennifer june – thanks so much for the sweet comment =) mua is awesome!xx

  • beautiful colours xx

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  • @RavingBeautyx – they are indeed =) xx