denman metal pin paddle brush

denman are brushes i have always used. as a kid i was a chronic thumb sucker which meant every morning i would wake up with a massive birds nest on the top of my head. the joys of twiddling and twisting my hair at night whilst sucking my thumb! the only thing that could remove said birds nest was a denman large paddle brush and i’ve had one ever since. i also have a dressing out brush to style and backcomb my hair to give me some much needed and desired volume
one brush i have never tried though is the metal pin paddle brush. instead of the large paddle brush that has ball-ended nylon pins the metal pin brush funnily enough has mental pins! fancy that :P the metal pins are extra smooth and very durable meaning this brush is perfect for use with hair extensions and wigs. now i don’t have either so was interested to see how this brush would fair up with my long, slightly knotty hair

one thing i found with this brush compared to my old large paddle brush is how soft it is. when i am sans knots this brush glides through my hair leaving it feeling very soft. don’t get me wrong this does still brush out any knots you may have but as with all knotty hair its a bit of a fight. i find if i brush through my hair first with my tangle teaser and then brush through with this metal pin brush my hair is soft, unmatted and happy!

this brush can be found from the denman website here for £10.18

*pr sample
  • I neeeeeeed a decent hairbrush like. I currently have one that I’m sure I picked up in poundland. Or it might be from avon. Hmm. Either way it’s not great.


  • Brushes seem to run away and disappear in my house! I’m forever having to buy new ones haha

    – Allie x

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  • I’ve been looking for a new hairbrush – mine’s just a rubbish plastic one from when I was 13 or seomthing haha.

    This one looks good..bit expensive though. But it may just come to it haa! xx

  • I’ve seen these about and have heard so many good things about them, I really want to try one! I need a Tangle Teezer in my life aswell, my hair is horrific for tangles!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  • @Georgia – a decent hairbrush is a good investment. well not even really that much an investment as they last ages!xx

    @AllieUK – one plus of being an only child there is no one to steal my hairbrushes :P xx

    @ButterflyBoo – ive had this one for years and wash it so considering how long they last the price is worth it =) xx

    @FrancesCassandra♥ – i find the tangle teezer is good for general knots but you need a proper brush tp get out anything smaller or finer xx

  • Oh I know nothing about hair brushes.. I think I use just whatever I find! On the past days, I am starting to get into it, although I am clueless about what to get :(


  • I’ve always loved denman brushes since I started brushing my own hair! They’re fab! xxx

  • @Isabela – i used to but it was my mum who introduced me to denman saying ‘your hair is a mess, these are the best!’ have a browse on their website should help you out =) xx

    @TzeYien89 – they are indeed =) xx