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it’s time for a beauty mouth! the last time i went to boots they had a 3 for 2 offer going but only two packets left of my garnier skincare wipes. after a prompt from my friend to just ‘buy one in a different flavour’ (skincare really is lost on some men!) i instead searched the aisles and landed on this product as my third item. i’ve always wanted to try sexy mother pucker but it’s one of those things that have always been on my list to buy but i’ve never bought. this mighty mouth lip balm claims to have over 70% moisturising ingredients and as my lips have pretty much given up on me this winter i figured it was good a time as any to give this a go.
moisturising this is! the formula is very thick but this almost combats the moisturising elements as it just kinda hangs on your lips waiting to get wiped away by the next sip of your drink or mouthful you have. however if you avoid the above this gives your lips a lovely light pink colour and you also feel that same tingly sensation that sexy mother pucker has meaning plump lips! i can’t say my lips look instantly plumped but i love the feeling it gives your lips and if nothing else is fun to apply

mighty mouth lip balm can be bought from boots or harvey nichols for £7/8

  • love that tingly lip feeling :). I used to use my friends plumping stuff when we were little and it tingled so much it hurt. But it was pretty amazing. Made me look like angelina jolie. But an ugly version with just big lips. so nothing like her really.

  • I love that tingly feeling haha. Definitely need to give this a try!

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  • oh that looks so pretty! i could not deal with the tingling though, i borrowed my sister ssexy mother pucker and i love to reapply my gloss so all night i was slicking it on then having a shock when it felt like my lips were bubbling under the surface! def not for me! that balm looks gorgeous though and i love their packaging!

  • I saw this the other day and wanted to try it out. I love the tingly feeling aswell haha! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  • @Georgia – i think i’m getting addicted to that tingly feelings! whenever it stops i have to put more on :P big lips for the win!xx

    @AllieUK – its great and really moisturising =) xx

    @Evelyn. – good point not the best lipgloss for a night out! reapplying that would be a nightmare (even tho i do it at the moment as im a little bit addicted to the tingly feeling :P) xx

    @FrancesCassandra♥ – no doubt boots will have a 3 for 2 on at some point so then will be your perfect chance =) xx

  • I will have to try…. sexy mother pucker is one of my top beauty buys, I love how soap & glory products offer great value for money.

    Sophie x

  • @Lafashionfolie – they do indeed. i’ve never tried sexy mother pucker so its what i will need to get next =) xx

  • I didn’t even know this existed but I am loving it!

  • @jennifer june – me either i’m pretty glad i saw it on a whim as i love it!xx