batiste goes wild!

if you know me you know im a lover of dry shampoo. having previously been a person who would only step out of the house with newly washed hair, dry shampoo has quite simply revolutionised my hair routine. the company that has helped me do this is batiste. from having new bigger bottles to colour tinted versions batiste has something for everyone and everything for me :P

batiste have recently released a new product called wild. launched exclusively to boots the packaging for this bottle hits the nail on the head by sporting a very fetching and very in-trend animal print. it is also fragranced with top notes of cocoa and vanilla and wood base notes meaning that your quick morning hair revival not only does the trick, it smells good in the process. some people feel like batiste makes their hair dull but as long as you don’t spray too close to the roots and rub in all the product you are able to banish oily roots and save 20 minutes in an instant!

i feel like a haven’t shown my mug on here for a while now so here is a very smiley carol smiley shot. who knew i could be that smiley before work?!
needles to say i love batiste and the new wild bottle is a welcome addition to my ever-growing batiste collection :P

*pr sample
  • I love Batiste, its the only dry shampoo product I’ll use. But I wouldn’t recommend the one with gold glitter through it, the glitter goes EVERYWHERE apart from your hair haha

    – Allie x

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  • Zoe

    Ooh this sounds like it smells yummy, I may have to purchase when my others have run out :)

    Blush is my fave one so we’ll see if this can replace it!

    Zoe xoxo

  • I need some more dry shampoo, i have almost a whole can of the volumising one and it feels HORRENDOUS in your hair. I can’t touch my head with it on because although it adds volume, it feels like i need to wash it out straight away. its really drying and is like having a tonne of 4 day old hairspray on. ew!
    This will be next on my list to try asap!

  • Bought this the other day – it smells lush! Love it :) xo

  • looks fab! I need to try this ASAP, the packaging is so cute <3

  • @AllieUK – me too =) thanks for the tip will stay clear of the gold one!xx

    @Zoe – it does indeed it has now become my favourite smelling one xx

    @Evelyn. – the xxl one? yeah they shouldn’t really market that as a dry shampoo as its more like the vo5 instant oomph powder but in a can. you need the smallest amount as it really matts your hair together. gives good volume but isn’t a dry shampoo xx

    @CelesteCohen – doesn’t it just =) xx

    @laura♥ – go forth and purchase!xx

  • love your hair xx

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  • Ray

    I really need to get my hands on this!! Looking lovely as always, i’m never that happy before going to work :p xx

  • @RavingBeautyx – thanks so much!xx

    @Ray – haha god knows how i managed to pull a smile this big that early in the morning :P xx