Top Tip: Organising Liquid Lipsticks

liquid lipstick organisation
liquid lipstick organisation

It’s a well known fact that I’m a lover of liquid lipsticks. Their long lasting matte formulas are still at the top of my lipstick lust list and although I have far too many filling up my Muji storage units, I still buy more ;) For any other fans of the matte trend, you may have encountered the same problem I had when my collection first grew. Yes the packaging usually shows off the product inside and looks pretty in storage, you don’t actually get a real representation of what the final dried down matte colour will be.

Take the Kylie Cosmetic Matte Lip Kits as a prime example, an initial swatch or the shade you see in the tube doesn’t translate into what the final colour will be once the product has had the time to dry down and ‘set’ on your lips. I was finding that I popped a colour on in the morning only to get into the office and find the shade developed into something much darker than I anticipated.

liquid lipstick organisation

For this reason I got savvy with my organisation and picked up some of the white sticky dots that are self adhesive. All it took was a Sunday morning of painting each liquid lipstick onto a white dot & allowing it to dry before transferring it onto the corresponding tube or Muji tray. This simple and quick task ensured that I always had a exact colour chart of each liquid lipstick I owned making it easier to know what shade to grab for each occasion.

Have you tried anything similar to keep track of your liquid lipsticks? How do you organise your favourite shades?

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