The Hunt for the Perfect Powder Brush

powder brush hunt

When it comes to powder brushes I feel like I’ve tried them all. You might even call me goldielocks of powder brushes as over the years I’ve struggled to find one that’s ‘just right’. They either end up being too dense, not bushy enough, I’ve had issues with shedding or even keeping the shape of the brush, I thought I’d never see that day that after trialling and testing a number of different brushes I finally find the one.

I started my journey with the much loved Real Techniques Powder Brush which is a big & bushy powder brush that delivers up a light coverage whilst allowing for quick application. We had a strong relationship for about a year and I even flitted with the Real Technique Setting Brush for something more precise in application, but both soon lost their shape so it was time to discover something new. Next stop was the Bobbi Brown Powder Brush and long time readers of this blog will know that I loved and was committed to this brush for years. To this day it’s still fantastic but age got the better of it and it became a shedding beast that just had to be replaced.

Instead of repurchasing, as the price tag isn’t the most friendly, I gave a few budget brushes a try. Mainly from Morphe as they are brill so I added the Morphe M556* followed by the Morphe 701 Rose Gold Travel Powder Brush* into my collection. For budget friendly brushes you really can’t complain, both are incredibly soft, do a great job at dispensing powder evenly across the face and don’t pick up too much product leaving you with cake face. My only gripe was they tend to shed and when you’re in a rush to get out the door for a train each morning the time to delicately remove stray brush hairs from my face just wasn’t the one.

Now my brush journey took me towards the Sepohra Collection brushes and I opted for the Sephora Collection Pro Precision Powder Brush #59. Similar to the Bobbi Brown Powder Brush and RT Setting Brush, this is a more tapered shape allowing for precision application. Although I found the shape fab, alongside the Morphe brushes it shed from day one. I tried to preserve but whilst out in Montreal towards the end tail end of 2016 I picked up the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder Brush in the hope of something better. Again you get super soft bristles with a tapered finish towards the tip and as they aren’t densely packed it keeps distribution of product light across my face.

Sadly this brush just doesn’t hold it’s shape. After a handful of uses it started to split in the middle so I returned it to Sephora to see whether I simply had a bad brush. Sadly the same thing happened so I admitted defeat and started the hunt again. Running out of options I went back to Sephora during my two weeks in LA and picked up the Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Light Powder Brush #50.

As natural bristles hadn’t been my friend I stuck with a synthetic option and liked the slightly flatter shape to give a smooth and delicate finish.  So far, it’s love! Sometimes I miss the more full bristles that the Kat Von D or RT Powder Brush offers, however for precise application from a brush that is smooth yet doesn’t shed, I think I’ve found the one!

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  • It can be really difficult to find the right brushes to suit you but I think once you do find a brand you love, it makes such a difference. I really need to try some of the Sephora brushes, they sound great.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  • Finding the perfect powder brush can be challenging! I’ve been loving my Real Techniques Bold Metals powder brush.. it’s so soft (and it looks good on my makeup table)

  • I have the Bobbi Brown one and love it – it’s shedding a bit but still some more time left in it! xx