The Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

hudda beauty liquid lipsticks
hudda beauty liquid lipsticks
hudda beauty liquid lipsticks
hudda beauty liquid lipsticks
hudda beauty liquid lipsticks

The love affair with liquid matte lipsticks continues! As soon as a new brand or shade is released, my beady little eyes are right there eyeing up the swatches ready and waiting to add it to my collection. I’m like goldilocks, needing to try every liquid matte lipstick to find one ‘just right’ never content at the possibility of something else being better! Since Huda Beauty launched there has been a lot of hype around the brand with the lip liners selling out and the lashes receiving high acclaim. With a liquid matte lipstick in the mix, I simply had to try one out ;)

Firstly packaging which here you get what I like to call ‘dream packaging’. Something well designed, well executed and ultimately something that ends up going into my packaging drawer as opposed to the bin (oh yes such a drawer does exist!) I love the quirky design with the liquid lipstick sitting between the lips and even the individual tubes are smart, sleek and well made. In terms of shade range there are 16 to choose for with the majority sitting in the more vampy category. I picked up Gossip Gurl and Trophy Wife, at the time Bombshell was out of stock but I might have ordered this from somewhere else ;) Gossip Gurl is more pink, the pinkest liquid lipstick I own yet still great for an everyday option. Trophy Wife is that beautiful muted mauve that I can see me reaching for a lot come Autumn.

In terms of formula, compared to other brands I’ve tried these come across more wet making application a tad tricker and therefore the finish less clean. As these are strong in the pigmentation department I did find they smudged slightly throughout the day but that issue will disappear with a nude shade. Once dry they still feel comfortable to wear on the lips, not the longest lasting liquid lipstick I’ve tried however you still get a good 5-6 hours from them. Overall I tried these more for that cult status and my obsession with liquid lipsticks however I wouldn’t say they are the best liquid lipstick in town.

  • Yiotou_La

    Trophy Wife is such a beautiful shade! :)


  • These shades are so pretty! I have been seeing these liquid lipstick a lot lately :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • That packaging is amazing — I would honestly just buy it for that, but the fact the lipsticks look great is a sweet bonus! I love both on you, but particularly Trophy Wife — suits your lovely complexion. :)

    Steph | Misc. Bliss

    • To be fair that’s what made me initially want to pick them up! Gotta love that packaging xx

  • Rebecca Fletcher

    I love the packaging of these lipsticks. Everytime I go onto instagram, someone is talking about these.

  • I’ve wanted to try these ever since I first heard they were released but I’m glad I’ve read your little review before I took the plunge and bought some! I really love the shades you’ve picked though – trophy wife looks lovely on you x

  • Thanks for your review. I haven’t tried these yet. Trophy Wife looks beautiful on you.


  • I haven’t tried this yet. Like you I just want to try them for their cult status. I really don’t need another Liquid Lipstick haha xx

  • Love the colors and names of these. I heard they are coming to my city so I might have to try gossip gurl. I love finding new liquid lipsticks and it’s fun seeing different formulas even if this wasn’t the best.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • The packaging of these is really pretty! I’ve read a few reviews that are similar to yours about the application being trickier and not lasting too long. I think I’ll hold out on them for now! The shades are really gorgeous though. I love Trophy Wife on you! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    The one thing I took from this post is that I am not the only one who has a draw for pretty packaging lol!

    New in Makeup

  • Pretty colors, especially Gossip Girl!

  • Thank you for the honest review, I’m still hesitating whether or not I should try these ones, I think I will wait to read a couple of other reviews before deciding, I absolutely love the shade Trophy Wide though!

  • Stacy

    I would like to try these products! Many people compare packaging with Kylie’s lip products…but I’m soooo not into Jenner’s lip products…

    • They smell pretty similar! It’s great these aren’t as drying just a shame they don’t last as long xx

  • That colour looks good on you xxx
    Yukova Blog