Top 3 Luxe Beauty Brands

top luxe beauty brands

It’s no secret, I’m a luxe beauty lover. The packaging, overt claims and dreamy pigments have me justifying price tags that any sane person would find crazy. When it comes to luxe beauty there is a lot to choose from, beauty halls bursting at the seams all competing to show you their latest product and why it’s ‘simply the best’. Although there is a plethora of goodies to take your pick from, I’ve got my favourites. A couple of brand that can do no wrong in my eyes and that consistently result in me dropping pounds (unfortunately the money kind and not the kind that will make you smile come weigh in day!)

Charlotte Tilbury – can you believe this brand is only a handful of years old? It’s truly spectacular the incredible brand and product range Charlotte has expertly curated over the years whilst filled with passion and enthusiasm for every launch. Charlotte hit the nail on the head by creating a range packed full of rose gold packaged products, what more could a beauty lover want?! Not only that each product inside are just as beautiful. I’m talking rich matte lipsticks, sparkling shadows, powerful contour kits and a highlighter that is like golden sparkled raindrops.

Hourglass – the day I first tried the Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light, my makeup game changed. Here we have a powder that quite literally makes your skin look airbrushed. I’ve been through multiple pans, picked up the powder palette, fallen for their blushers and picked up the blush palette. I’ve even gone far enough and snapped up the Ambient Lighting Edit. Serious powder dedication I know! Now it’s a lot to claim Hourglass as one of my top luxe beauty brands if all I’m talking about is powder and blush, however I find they are a brand that’s constantly innovating and releasing new products. Not everything is a hit but they keep trying and it’s exciting. Even their latest foundation release looks pretty promising and gives stick foundations a new name.

Tom Ford – now this really is luxe I know. I’ve spoken before about whether Tom Ford is worth the price tag, check out the post here, and although not every product is, I can’t deny I love the majority of what I try. Their shadow palettes are simply breathtaking and the cream base in Spiced gives one of the most unique and multitonal washes of colour. I’m obsessed with their lipsticks, love a blush and if I was rolling in Benjamin Franklings I would pick up more. Expensive yes but such an oh so wonderful treat!

  • Totally agree with Hourglass! Thats hands down my favorite makeup brand of all times. I’d say By terry is pretty phenomenal too when it comes to quality and performance!

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

  • The Tom Ford eye quads are literally to die for!

  • Out of these three, Charlotte Tilburry definitely wins the visual department. The rose gold packaging is so chic and elegant.

    Selene Addicted

  • I loved this post! I haven’t tried any of these brands (I know, it’s beauty blogger blasphemy!) These are all brands I have wanted to try but i’ve never known where to start. I’m so glad I came across your blog! -xo

  • Fab post! I love Charlotte Tilbury and I need to try more Tom Ford but it’s just so pricey! I’ll definitely be treating myself soon X

  • This is such a love.y post and I’ve never tried these high end ones. It’s nice getting to read about them before I fork out the cash.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  • I’d love to try the Hourglass & Charlotte Tilbury products! I don’t buy high end make-up too often, but I do have some of these on my wishlist <3